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Breed notes 2 July 2020
Hovawart Breed Notes 2 July 2020

Inevitably, now that our plumber has assembled and safety-checked the new gadget, a (relatively) portable outside shower unit, the weather has stopped being scorchio and has become much more British. I still have nightmares about the awful mud we suffered back in the winter, so being prepared to fight it gives me great heart, and you never know, we might get a heatwave again, and then the shower can be a cold one, and we will probably all be using it.

The latest, summer edition of the club newsletter has now gone out. There are some lovely pictures and a bit of worming advice, amongst a whole lot of other stuff, although it must be difficult to report on activities when there are not any. Still it is a good time for you to be getting those once in a lifetime photos for next years calendar. Most of the newsletters went by email so if you have not got yours then either you have not let us have your email address or told us you changed it or you have not paid your club subscription. A few copies have been sent out by snail mail. Please let me know of any alterations. Once again, thanks are due to Maggie (& Lloyd) for a job well done.

Our puppy Thursday has just started her first season at just under eleven months, I did think this was a bit early but on reflection it is probably about average. It may be an old wives tale but I certainly hope that this spells an end to her growing. I have noticed that Thursday is now much more settled and relaxed round the other dogs and we can be a whole family rather than two sets kept apart to stop her worrying at the older dogs all the time.

I have had a gentle slap on the wrist from the Kennel Club, who tell me that, contrary to my recent notes, it is not they who are unable to check hip scores, but the BVA who need to have two vets scrutinising the x-rays together and making notes thereon. I did get the feeling that the KC were pleased to be out of the firing line for this one, and I understand that there may be a more computer-based approach to this problem in the future.

My long awaited operation has finally happened and I am now back on the general ward itching to get home after a couple of days of critical care. Heaven knows what I will find when I get back but so long as all the animals are safe and well it really does not matter too much. I hope when I next write a great deal more normality will have returned to everyones lives.

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This article was posted on: 04-Jul-20