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Working & Pastoral Breed Assoc. of Scotland - Nov 2009
I enjoyed judging Hovawarts at the Royal Highland Showground Ingliston, Edinburgh on the 8th November, and would like to thank the Secretary who found me a vacant ring to prevent a long delay. The entry was good and it was nice to see more consistency of size. I find it hard to believe that neither of my two top winners were black and gold.

Postgraduate Dog/Bitch (6,1abs) Oddsen’s Driftingsky Lightning b/g 10 month old dog and promising youngster. Good bone, and shape. Strong topline, head a little small at present, but beautiful dark eyes. Ears a little low set, but with time on his side he can only get better. Tail carried a little high when moving. Sparkling condition. Friendly and calm, well handled. BP &RBD
2nd Gallacher’s Fasskoleys Liam of Calindi b/g 8 month old dog another promising youngster. Well grown and although taller than 1 not quite such a compact shape and less balanced. Good male head, good ears, a little loose lipped and not quite the purposeful movement of 1. Friendly temperament. Will watch these two puppies with interest, as I am sure they have a bright future.

Open Dog (3) Watson’s Kynyaf Seti. Good big black mature dog that stood out in this class. 7 years. I last saw him as a 6 week old puppy, and he has certainly changed, and is a real joy to go over. Kind male expression with very dark eyes, good ears, and correct jaw. He has a wonderful head and expression, but his lips could be tighter. Good shoulders, correct top line, and powerful hind quarters. Neat strong feet. I would prefer a longer tail, and just a little less weight, movement steady and unhurried, handler and dog in harmony. BD
2nd Minches’ Tyehelva Neo Nexus b/g Medium size 4 year old. Good head, jaw and correct ears. Well laid shoulders. Moving a little close behind today, and again a little short in tail. Coat condition could be improved. Friendly temperament, although not showing himself off to his best advantage today.

Open bitch (5,1) Hosie’s Annvad Daimys Princess Beautiful 4 year old blonde bitch. Judged her before as a puppy and loved her then. She has since matured into a stunning adult both standing and moving. Her head is feminine with the darkest of eye, her pigmentation is good, her lips beautifully fitting. Correct jaw, with small neat ears. Her shoulders gentle slope back and continue into strong long straight top line, with loose flowing tail held correctly. Super blonde shading. She glides around the ring with her head held high on the neatest of tiny feet, very much in tune with her master. Star quality, what more can I say. BB & BOB
2nd White & Whitmore’s Tyehelva Super Summer of Driftingsky b/g medium sized 4 year old with good shiny coat. Feminine head with correct jaw, brown eyes and neat trimmed ears. Carrying a little too much weight, which spoilt her movement. Presented beautifully and handled well. Lost out to her daughter for RBB.

Elaine Betts (judge)
This article was posted on: 10-Nov-09