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Border Union Champ Show Hovawart Critique 2017

I would like to thank the Officers and Committee of Border Union for my invitation to judge my breed today. The show was well organised with spacious rings, we were the third breed in the ring and with very hot weather, some of the dogs coped with it better than others. I had very efficient stewards of whom I thank you very much as it was a long day for you both. Lastly a special thanks to all the exhibitors for your wonderful entry and some difficult decisions were made. I took notes when I got home on my third place in my classes as I felt they were of as good a quality as those above them and deserved a critique. Thank you for accepting my placings with good sportsmanship. JD (1) 1st Robinson & Brown Zwartbos Moonshine Whiskey, approaching 1 year old and what a cracking dog to start my classes off, Blonde of good size which gave a very typical and handsome picture on the stack, the best of heads on his young shoulders, with an attractive oval eye of medium dark colour with that intelligent and alert expression, yet kind with associated dark pigmentation, correct head proportions and using his ears correctly, lips a little loose, good length of neck into well balanced forehand , good chest depth and spring of rib for one so young with a level topline into good rear with correct stifle angulation and standing on good feet, has plenty of bone and gives impression of strength, when moving covers the ground, however movement is loose at present and should improve as he matures, to finish has a superb easy going temperament with a quality blonde jacket with correct shading which will darken further as he matures. I will follow his progress. Thank you for bringing him along today. BP. PGD (1) 1st McManus Quincebois Redwood B&G two and a half year old boy who is still to come into his own, of nice type standing alone in his class but worthy of his red card, attractive head with correct measurements and a lovely kind medium eye of correct shape with intelligent expression, good tight lips with correct scissor bite, and to finish uses his ears correct. Has good body proportions, pleasing spring of rib and gives a balanced picture of angulations and gives a pleasing picture on the stack. To complete this rather handsome dog, he has a Jacket of correct structure and a quality shinning black coal colour with medium gold markings. Stands on straight legs, his movement was difficult to assess as he was nose to the ground and gave his handler a hard time as she tried hard to get him going, it was this that lost him the Reserve dog today. Of excellent temperament, a joy to go over, Thank you. OD (4) 1st Condron Zwartbos Carisbrooke, my notes say beautiful masculine black dog, approaching 6 years old and one whom I have judged before and given BOB. He topped a quality class of mature males, well handled as this team have a special bond together. Masculine head with correct proportions, dark kind oval eye with correct ear carriage giving the illusion his skull is broader than it is, good tight lips and correct bite. Has good length of neck into good shoulders, pleasing depth of chest and spring of rib, topline level into good croup with well angulated rear, with correct bend of stifle. Stands on good feet with good bone, impression of power. His quality construction is covered by a deep shining coal black jacket of correct structure which finishes the picture and shouts look at me. On the stack covers the ground and gives a picture of quality and balance. Once settled he moved well but was beaten by his sister in the challenge which was a close decision. Pleased to award BD. 2.Inches Minches Chief Riever, 11 year old blonde boy who was well handled and gives a picture of a typical male of the breed. Another with an attractive head, correct measurements with a medium coloured eye. Nice ear carriage and slightly loose flews with good pigmentation which finishes the head piece off. Gives a picture of balance but can stand close to handler looking up throwing off the body lines of the forehand. Has correct spring of rib, good chest and stands on straight legs and good feet for age. Has beautiful middle blonde jacket with correct shading which is most attractive. His tail reaches the hock and when moving gives a pleasing picture against his handler’s scooter, moving out well for age. Going away he had width between hocks which gave him the RBD. 3. Tyerman Fasskoleys Mathan, Quality 10 year old B&G dog which has done well under me before as I gave him his first BOB at 16 months old and he has had many after that. This dog has the most attractive of heads, with correct measurements and correct ears with the kindest of eyes, correct length of neck into good forehand with level topline into correct rear quarters and his well balanced angles are covered with a mature quality thick jacket. Has excellent chest and rib formation and the picture is completed by his correct gold markings on good legs and good bone. This dog is a favourite of mine and is very typical of a mature male of excellent breed type and what a Hovawart looks like, but today the heat was too much for him and this affected his placing. JB (1)1st Stockton Annvad Lady Hazel, this 16 month old B&G bitch of top quality started the bitch classes off at the highest bar. Standing alone in her class, she demanded attention with her stunning ring presence, the most beautiful of heads, with an attractive, kind expressive dark eye, correct head measurements, uses ears correct and nice tight lips, beautiful body lines, lovely neck into the best of forehands, pleasing chest and rib formation into beautiful rear quarters and correct stifle, level topline and good length to tail. Stands on straight legs and to finish has a quality jacket which just fits over her beautiful conformation with the most attractive gold markings which to be really picky could be better defined on the head but they are present. Moved soundly and at one with her handler, what a lovely team. The best of temperments, a really difficult decision when it came to the challenge but just lost out to the more mature bitch in open. Will have an excellent career ahead of her. Thank you for bringing her along today. RBB. PGB (4,1a) Robinson & Brown Zwartbos Moet, approaching 4 years old B&G with the sweetest of natures, attractive bitch with lovely outline on the stack, very attentive to handler with nice head, correct measurements, scissor bite and tight flews with a beautiful dark expressive eye. Correct neck into a balanced body with level topline, pleasing spring of rib with good stifle angulation and on the move didn’t disappoint. Stands covering the ground, another who’s Gold markings could be better on the face but are all present. Pasterns could be tighter, but overall a quality girl and deserved her place today. 2, Wolfe, Fasskoleys Cadmium Scarlett 2 year old B&G bitch, another who is a lovely shape but stands close to handler throwing off her forehand. Attractive expression with a kind medium eye, tight flews with a scissor bite, has gold below eyes and tends to carry ears high and back. Pleasing in body with balanced angulations with being slightly steeper in front. Shorter Jacket of good texture with over marked gold which varies in shades. Tail reaches her hock and she stands on straight legs and good feet. Very athletic and light on the move and gave a picture of ease which got her second in the class and to add to her qualities has beautiful temperament.3, Inches, Minches Kees Killarney, approaching 14 years B&G whom I have admired from the ring side before but never had the chance to go over her until now. Beautiful veteran with the best of shapes, lovely kind eye, alert expression into a strong neck with the best of forehands, deep chest with spring of rib and a level topline into well angulated rear with a lovely bend of stifle. Thick jacket with medium gold markings and correct texture and to top it she moved very well beside her handler’s scooter, lost out to youth in the class, if she had been younger placings would have been different. Absolutely wonderful for her age. Well done. OB (7,1a) Gutjahr, Zwartbos Arreton, Blonde approaching 6 years old, eye catching bitch of elegant type which stood out in the class, the most feminine of heads with correct proportions with a beautiful medium eye of correct shape with that intelligent and watchful expression yet kind and to finish the head, uses her ears correct giving balance and with her super dark pigment and tight lips against the required middle blonde colour that the standard dictates, it is hard to walk by her as she demands your attention. Has the required length of neck into a well developed forehand with good shoulder layback which continues into a level topline with correct stifle angulation and rear quarters with strong second thigh. The tail is of correct length and she stands on good feet and straight legs with the required amount of bone the girls should have. On the stack gives a picture of balance with good spring of rib and depth of chest and wearing a jacket of correct length and texture with the correct shading that blondes should have. On the move she is at one with her handler with good reach and very purposeful drive which she covered the ground with ease, a stunning girl along with her ring presence and her obvious bond she and her handler has with each other and the overall picture got her the BB and BOB, was pushed hard by the quality of the Junior bitch. Thank you for bringing her along today. 2, Inches, Fasskoleys Silkie, another quality B&G bitch with an attractive head, kind dark eye with tight lips and correct head proportions with a lovely expression, can carry her ears off standing and back at times, another who can stand close and look up throwing her forehand balance off. Pleasing depth of chest and rib formation and stands well over the ground with her tail reaching the hock. Has lovely gold markings of good colour but are a bit over marked on her legs, jacket is of good quality and structure and this bitch moved well covering the ground. Gives a picture of balance. 3, Challoner’s Isalynn V Elderens Hof, 2 and a half year old Blonde bitch, another team who catches your attention, handler gets the best out of her exhibit and you just cannot ignore them, Attractive dark eye with dark pigment and has a kind expression. Gives a pleasing outline on the stack with balanced well angulated forehand and rear, with level topline and pleasing depth of chest and spring of rib. Good strong straight legs with a dark quality bonde jacket which is rather attractive, however would prefer better shading, on the move covered the ground but was closer behind. I judge this dog as a puppy and she has matured beautifully and has the most lovely of temperaments, a close decision between the girls above.
Craig Hosie
This article was posted on: 12-Sep-17