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National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society Championship Show 17/07/2010
Judge’s Report Hovawarts

It was a pleasure and privilege to judge Hovawarts at this most enjoyable of shows. I should like to thank my stewards, Julie & Tony, for going above and beyond to ensure not only that I had an easy time, but that the exhibitors enjoyed the day, too. Whilst I should like to commend the temperaments in general, bites were good but I was a little concerned at the number of short tails.

Junior Dog (1)

1st. Jenkins & Wright’s Driftingsky Thunder
A black & gold dog just coming up to 18 months, he presented a good picture of the breed. He has a good head with dark eyes and a kindly expression, excellent overall balance, a strong level topline and nice tuck-up, he moved with enthusiasm, but was going a tad close behind today. He has good colour definition, and just lost out for best dog on maturity and the consequent presence that affords. RBD.

Post Graduate Dog (2, 1abs)

1st.Inches’ Tyehelva Neo Nexus
Another b/g dog, coming up 5, not the biggest, but with good overall balance. I would prefer a bit more head, and he appeared a bit stuffy in neck, not helped by a generous coat. He has reasonable bone, with a nicely angled upper arm, and kept a good topline during purposeful movement.

Open Dog (2)

1st.Shone’s Minches Jet of Swartbos
Yet again, a b/g, very much the style of dog I like. He has considerable presence, and is just coming to his best at five and a half. He has an excellent head, with good bone and colour balance, a well-laid shoulder, good ribbing and strong hindquarters. He moved with power and strength, keeping his topline well, and overall presented a most pleasing picture. A well merited BoB. A shame that work commitments prevented his appearance in the big ring, where he would have done the breed proud.
2nd.Inches’ Minches Chief Riever
A blond this time, a year younger than the winner, and it showed in his demeanour, not having quite the commanding attitude. He also lost out on bone, substance and topline, but nevertheless is a well balanced dog, striding out with purpose, and he certainly has enough scope. On the move, his tail is a bit too gay for my taste.

Veteran Dog/Bitch (1)

1st.Inches’ Houwaert’s Jiska
At nearly ten years old, and with not the easiest upbringing, this b/g bitch is a true reflection of the breed’s longevity and durability. She is well put together, with good angles fore and aft, and kept her topline well when moving, which she did with considerable enthusiasm, and only a couple of small hiccups. I would like better defined face markings, and at her age I suppose a little middle-aged spread is forgivable. Best Veteran, and not far off reserve best bitch.

Junior Bitch (2)

1st. White & Whitmore’s Driftingsky Mist
Sensibly in her summer plumage, this 18 month old b/g bitch looked really promising. She has a good head and kind expression, and is well boned, ribbed back nicely and has a good tuck up making a pleasing profile. She moved well, keeping a nice level topline without an exaggerated tail carriage. Maybe her upper arm is a touch upright, and the eye is caught by the white on her chest.
2nd. Kenny’s Spicemill Atlanta Night Sky
Another b/g, just turned a year and still very much the youngster. I would like to see more bone and substance, even at this age, and a bit more width throughout, particularly in head. Her coat is at that in-between stage, but she moved well, and it will be interesting to see how she matures when she gains a bit more confidence.

Post Graduate Bitch (4)

1st. Shone’s Ursine v.d.Romerweide of Zwartbos
A fine upstanding b/g bitch, with a proud attitude that was hard to ignore, a credit to her owners. She is well balanced with just the right amount of bone and angulation, and moved with drive and held her topline and tail correctly. I would just prefer a cleaner gold on her face and chest, but she deserved her BB award, losing out to the dog on ring authority.
2nd White & Whitmore’s Tyhelva Super Summer of Driftingsky
Yet again b/g, a bit smaller and more compact all round than the winner, but a most feminine girl still in good coat. For me, she could do with a fraction more length, as her movement wasn’t quite as true as one would like, but she made an attractive picture for all that, and scored over her daughter and the veteran in marking and coat.RBB.

Open Bitch (3,2)

1st. Inches’ Minches Kees Killarney
Again a smaller bitch, b/g, with a profuse coat. I would have liked more of her altogether, as she loses out on presence. I would also prefer a stronger head, with a bit more length of loin. She moved well, but when it came to the challenge, she didn’t seem to want the prize.

John Sharpe (judge)
This article was posted on: 19-Jul-10