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Bath Championship Show Critique 2017
Hovawart critique Bath Ch show

Thank you to Bath Show Committee for my appointment and to my two stewards- the most efficient and organised ever- and to the exhibitors for bringing their lovely dogs.Some difficult decisions on the day. I was pleased to see my BOB show and move well in the group for her new handler.
PD. 1st. Robinson and Brown’s Zwartbos Moonshine Whiskey 10mth old blond of excellent type. Strongly built , typical masculine head, good eye and pigmentation, a little loose flews. Balanced angulation. Coat of good length and colour with correct shading. Strides out well with drive, though movement needs to settle which it should with age. BD
PGD.1st. Allen’s Kanukalos Allegro, Masculine head with kind expression in nice dark eye. Adequate angulation, good level topline though a little long in loin. Beautiful coat in such good condition, good markings but gold on legs a little pale. Moves freely but very close behind.RBD
PB 1st Shones Zwartbos Moondance a lovely baby at her first show.10mnth of and well buit, of very good type and shape.Very nice head with excellent dark eye, ears a little low and held back. Very good angulation and level topline. Well coated for age. Moved freely when settled but loose.BP
LB 1st Shones Zwartbos Chale strongly built lady, feminine head, slightly domed, medium brown eye. Good angulation, slightly steep upper arm. Good level topline. Moved well but lacks drive. 2nd White and Whitmore’s Drifting sky Alize, pleasing head good eye and ears. Adequate angulation, steep upper arm. Level topline. Good markings but gold a little pale. Move out well with good drive.
OB 1st Challenor’s Isalynn v Elderens Hof well built lady. Feminine head, sweet calm expression, good pigment, ears set a little low. Broad chest and body, excellent topline, nice bend of stifle. Coat in lovely condition though a little short, dark blond colour and would prefer more shading. Flowing movement but close behind. Well handled. 2nd Robinson and Brown’s Zwartbos Moet feminine head, flews a little loose. Slightly long cast but good body lines and topline held on move. Good rear angulation. Coat in lovely condition, would like more markings. Moves out well.
VB 1st Shones Ursine vd Romerweide 9yr old showing classic breed type, well built but feminine. Pleasing head, mid brown eye, well set ears Very good balanced angulation and body lines, topline kept on the move, croup slopes slightly. Moved out well and straight behind. BB and BOB
G. Stockton
This article was posted on: 09-Jun-17