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Border Union critique 2016 (Gill Stockton)
Border Union Show 2016
Thanks to the exhibitors for bringing their dogs under me and to my two stewards for their efficient running of the ring and to the committee for providing a good size ring which allowed the dogs to move out freely.
JD .0.
PGD 1 (A)
OD.4 (1) !. Fasskoleys Mathan, almost 9yr old black/gold with good markings of good colour.Masculine head, well set ears carried correctly,kind expression in well shaped eye.Good body lines, topline held on the move. Very good balanced angulation allowing good driving movement.For me this dog typifies a mature male. BD and BOB. 2. Minches Chief Riever,10yr old of excellent type and construction.Masculine head,nice eye and well placed ears. Balanced angulation, excellent depth of chest. Moved well. Another typical male. RBD
JunB 2(2) 1. Fasskoleys Magenta. BP 2.Fasskoleys Cadmium Scarlett. Two 11mth old sisters at much the same stage of development.Both a little narrow just now and flying their ears. Both held their good level toplines on the move. Just preferred the better angulation of 1.PGB 1. Isalynn v Elderens’Hof sturdily built blonde, very good level topline, deep chest, good underline. Balanced angulation, good tail, tidy feet, excellent pigmentation.Would prefer more shading in the good blonde colour.RBB 2. Zwartbos Moet feminine head, well set ears carried correctly, would prefer stronger face markings. Deep body but a shade narrow and rises over rump. Balanced angles, moved out well but close behind. 3.Zwartbos Ventnor OB 1. Fasskoleys Silke very good typical bitch with correct proportions. Very good body lines, balanced angles, slightly sloping croup, correct markings a tad overdone. Very good coat in lovely condition BB. 2 Driftingsky Mist one I have done well before but let down today by her dipping topline. Apart from the topline she is a typical picture of a mature female. Correct in all departments, proportion, angulation, coat and markings.3. Zwartbos Arreton
Gill Stockton
This article was posted on: 04-Jul-16