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How to care for your dog on Bonfire Night
By: Janet Pearce With bonfire night around the corner, us dogs owners are bracing ourselves for a difficult time. Unfortunately as we are all too aware fireworks are not limited to the 5th November. They seem to start at Hal ...
This article was posted on: 01-Jan-09
The pitfalls of owning a Hovawart at Christmas
By: Sue Scully (Please sing where appropriate*) *"Chestnuts roasting by an open fire" Take away the 'chest'; part and we have hazard number one, the Hovawart does have a very long, very bushy tail, BEWARE! Make sure your ...
This article was posted on: 01-Jan-09
An introduction to Hovawarts
By: Gill Stockton If you are looking for a family dog who, given the proper environment, will love and look after you, then the Hovawart may be what you are seeking. What you will get is a lunatic who will decorate you and y ...
This article was posted on: 01-Jan-09
News from Scotland
By: Craig Hosie It's been a busy time in Scotland with several shows having classes for hovies. Perthshire Canine club saw my young blonde bitch Annvad Daimys Princess getting BOB under P .Burgess however I only recently rememb ...
This article was posted on: 01-Jan-09
Heatstroke - What to do
Heat exhaustion is an agonising death Pets are much less efficient at cooling themselves than humans. A dog’s normal body temperature ranges from 38.3 to 38.7 degrees celsius (100.9 to 101.7 degrees Fahrenheit). Dogs can only ...
This article was posted on: 15-Jul-09