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New Hovawart Book in English
We are trying to find out how many of you would be interested in buying an English Hovawart book. The book in question was published in 2011 (Cadmos) and the author is Ulrike Stickel.

Ulrike Stickel is the breeder of the kennel "Georgenberg" and has had many Hovawarts and a lot of experience with the breed and breeding. As the person responsible for the "RZV Welpenvermittlung (puppy placement)" she has had many conversations with people interested in the Hovawart and knows what questions people have, when they want to buy a Hovawart. In short: Her book is very informative and fun to read!

It would be great if we could find out fairly soon how many might be interested in buying this book, so that Bea can make detailed plans with the publisher.
So, if you are interested in buying one, please send a short email to Gill Stockton at
Please note that at this point, the email is only to get an idea on how many books may be ordered and not an acutal order.
This article was posted on: 12-Dec-12