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Breed Notes (Our Dogs - Craig Hosie) - 26 Nov 2018)
Starting off this week with some sad news that Mark Tyerman has had to say goodbye to his beloved boy Ted, Fasskoleys Mathan. Ted was born in 2007 by Anne Stewart he was out of Tyehelva Neo Nexus x Minches Jaunty, Sadly Ted was diagnosed as having Cushings Disease and was getting weak and Mark had to make that decision. A stunning B&G boy who was well known to all in the breed and whom Mark competed at the top in the show circuit supporting both Champion and open shows supporting classes and helping to promote the breed. I remember seeing Ted as a puppy when I was carrying out the puppy assessment for Anne and his qualities stood out, I then had the privilege to judge him in 2008 and awarded him BOB at 16 months old and this was his first of many and Ted also took group placings at open shows. A dog with the soundest of temperaments and he had such a special bond with Mark. Ted was a great ambassador for the breed and I for one feel privileged to have known him. The other day when I was reading I came across this sentence,” Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal”, it so true. We all send our thoughts to Mark and his breeder Anne.

Onto the health reports and the Kennel club Breed record supplement has been published for the Autumn and we have one hip score to report Fasskoleys Cadmium Scarlett, RH6, LH6 Total 12, another good result, and a happy owner.

As reported last week, I would like to mention members success with their dogs and we start with Janice Robinson and Dave Brown with their girl Lexi, Posh name Zwartbos Moet. Lexi achieved two 3rd places in level 3 Rally and a Qualifier in level 4 at Staverton. Lexi also has a working qualification behind her name as well as competing in the show ring, is a dog of many talents and just goes to show how versatile the Hovawart is. Well done Janice & Dave. At the club show there was a stand with information on the Pet Blood Bank ( PBB ) with leaflets on Donor appeal, PBB is the only charity that provides a canine blood bank service for all veterinary practitioners across the UK. It is a voluntary scheme which provides life saving blood and is delivered to veterinary practices when they need it. The criteria for your dog to be a donor is that it needs to be fit & healthy, be between 1-8 years old, more than 25kg, have a good temperament, never had any foreign travel, be vaccinated and not on any medication. What is important is that every unit of blood helps save up to four other lives. Lexi is one of the Donor’s along with their boy Leo, Zwartbos Moonshine Whiskey who is also registered. The size & temperament of a Hovawart makes them ideal Donors says Janice and Lexi and Leo are not the only Donors as John & Elaine Sharpe also donate blood with Dublin, Junior Jester at Pines and Elaine wrote an article for the Hovawart Year Book on donation and about this worthwhile charity. Well done to Janice, Dave, John & Elaine for their marvellous contribution in helping other dogs in emergency situations.

Would also like to share Liz Whitmore & Lynne White’s achievements with Rally and scent work. Firstly Liz describes that she has taken part in a mixture of Pet Dog Rally Obedience ( PDRO ) and Kennel Club Rally with their dogs. Pet Dog Rally Obedience is designed to be fun and encourage working with the dogs at a level they are comfortable with. Treats are allowed in certain circumstances in the ring as the organisers feel that we would not work without reward, and so why should our dogs. Liz says that getting involved with this training has made a huge difference to their dog’s motivation and enthusiasm and this has carried through into the other activities that their dogs do. As a development of PDRO, they are now also working in Pet Dog Rally Freestyle which takes elements of both Rally and Heelwork to music which again is designed to be fun. The course has some stations where the participants can choose their moves and choose your own music to suit your performance. Liz states that their dogs Torin , Zwartbos Brighstone of Driftingsky and Mist, IHF CH Driftingsky Mist, particularly enjoy these exercises with their boy Torin being a show-off and has been known to stop and look around for appreciative claps when he’s done something he thinks is good. What a great boy!

Liz states that in Kennel Club Rally which is designed to be working with your dog, their dog Drift, Tyehelva Super Summer of Driftingsky RL2, has achieved Rally Level 2 Tiltle, this form of Rally doesn’t allow treats to be used in the ring. Rally has certainly become more popular with more owners doing this with their dog and more clubs specialising in this activity with a good selection of trials around the country. Lynne has been working with both Torin and Alize, Driftingsky Alize on scent work, with a program called Scent Detect Find. This trains passive indication and has a large number of levels that can be progressed through, with a new element each time. Lynne reports that Torin is hugely enthusiastic, but has got a bit stuck on level 4 has he retrieves the scent article, Mum if you can’t see it, I will bring it to you ! What fun Torin is having. Alize started her training later but has accelerated through her training and gained her Qualified Scent: Detect: Find Dog and Handler, and is working now on Level 11. Liz & Lynne report that Alize’s whole attitude and demeanour changes when she starts working, she ignores anything or anyone else in the room and gets on with searching for the scent. Liz states that the previous search levels included luggage, postal, vehicle, high searches, and water search tests and Alize is currently training on buried scent. I believe that their dog Mist has also started training on scent work and is currently loving it. Thank you Liz & Lynne for sharing the above with us, and many congratulations on your achievements in this speciality of training. I would like to wish you all the best with your dogs.

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This article was posted on: 30-Nov-18