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Breed Notes (Our Dogs - Craig Hosie) - 9 Nov 2018
We have lots to catch up with this week but firstly I would like to share the Kennel Club announcements. I mentioned on previous notes that we should support our BEC for the club, Breed Education Coordinator and the Kennel Club has published a list for all breeds who are responsible for this role. I was delighted to read that John Sharpe has taken this post on. John has all the knowledge both in Hovawarts and all the years he has been in dogs to help share, educate and help take our breed forward and I know he will be glad to help new up and coming judges in learning about our breed. It is an exciting time for those wishing to start their judging career with a mentoring programme being put in place for knowledge to be shared. I am sure you will all agree with me to wish John all the best in his new role.
The Kennel club has also announced our Crufts judges, for 2019 it is Mr S J Mallard and for 2020, Mr J Sharpe. What an achievement for John to be asked again to take centre stage. Well done John !. Onto the Breed Records Supplement for Summer, there was one hip score published M’Fleur Du Clos Des Mignonnieres ( IMP FRA ) 6/3 TOTAL 9, another great result who’s owners will be happy. I think it is good that breeders, owners take the time to screen their dogs to help gather data which can only benefit our breed. I know recent discussion on facebook with regards to when you get your dog’s hips xrayed and they are discussed with the vet who has taken them and if the xray shows problems, should the plates be submitted for scoring? Some people’s practices are not to submit because the grading will be high, but surely if they are not submitted then we have false data with regards to the health of our breed. It certainly is food for thought and I personally would submit for a formal scoring. The Kennel Club has approved the DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) resolution which was passed at the clubs AGM and therefore becomes part of the Clubs Code of Ethics in that all dogs must be tested prior to mating, a copy of the result to be sent to the club for inclusion in the Health Register. It does say that No dog should be excluded from breeding on the basis of the test result but that mating’s are carefully planned to avoid the production of a double copy of the SOD1 Gene which would be considered to be more at risk of developing DM.

It has been nice to follow Becky Harrisons litter of pups, such happy chunky puppies, these six puppies will be a welcome addition to our Hovawart population, and I believe some will go on to do their training to hopefully become a Search and Rescue dog which Mark is so Passionately involved with. Becky is keeping the B&G girl, so we will be able to follow her progress and she will have great opportunities to follow in her Mums foot steps as a dual purpose dog. I was hoping to go and visit the pups, but with work, I was unable to get time off. The colour of the litter was B&G and Blonde with one girl and the rest boys. There will be some very excited owners who will be collecting there puppies soon.

Craig Hosie

01505 702165
This article was posted on: 09-Nov-18