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Breed Notes (Our Dogs - Craig Hosie) - 20 Aug 2018
Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has been in touch with news for our breed notes, we now have enough information for two lots of notes which is great, So a big thank you. My last notes I spoke about vaccinations and the use of a titre blood test to see whether we needed annual vaccinations and whilst I was showing one of the dogs at Blackpool, I caught up with a friend who was telling me about her puppy that she had to leave at home. My friend had a litter 7 months ago and she kept a puppy from the litter and its first show was at Border Union which she took the puppy to and had a lovely time. She had been speaking with a friend in Holland who had reared a litter and done everything by the book as all good breeders do and she had vaccinated her pups before they went to their new homes however one of her puppy owners got in contact 6 months later to say that her puppy caught one of the diseases that the vaccination covered and died. Obviously the breeder was upset and concerned that this had happened and asked the question why could this happen after primary vaccination. My friend then decided to titre test her own puppy to make sure that her own puppy that she had bred was covered and to her surprise the puppy wasn’t protected. She then discussed with her own vet who was also surprised that there was no protection, hence why she didn’t have her puppy at Blackpool. She then had to contact all her puppy owners and let them know what had happened to her puppy. It just shows that many of us get the vaccinations done and we think all is well and that they are covered. I remember friends getting the Rabies vaccination done and then you had to titre test to see if they had enough antibodies and some dogs had no cover and had to be re vaccinated and now you don’t need to have a titre test for the rabies vaccination under the pet’s passport. Its food for thought and the importance of titre testing.

Onto show results now and we had National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society CH show where we had Eileen Mathews in the ring with an entry of 11 with 2 absentees and she found her BOB in the bitch, Annvad Lady Hazel owned by Gill Stockton with RBB going to Mr & Mrs Hemsworth Driftingsky Tousle, there was no BD as both were absent , it was a really hot day with some owners worried about their dogs being in the car travelling in such not conditions. Best Special Beginner was Chris & Heather Paynes M’Fleur Du Clos Des Mignonnieres. Well done folks. Paignton & District Fanciers Association CH show had a Stand in judge in Mr Tom Johnston , with a low entry of 4 with 1 absentee and he found his BOB in the Bitch Mr & Mrs McLure, Kanukalos Burletta with BD going to Kate Allen’s Kanukalos Allegro with RBB going to Gill Stockton’s Annvad Lady Hazel. Well done to all who travelled the long distance for this show. This show always attracts low numbers and I must admit that it’s a show that I have never attended probably due to the travelling involved for me.

Leeds CH show don’t have any classes for us, but our breed was represented by Janice Robinson & Dave Brown with their Blonde Boy Zwartbos Moonshine Whiskey being placed first in the PGD class and their B&G Bitch Zwartbos Moet Beg.Ex , getting first in OB and going onto take BB in the AVNSC classes under Mr Keith Baldwin. Well done folks. Still on Championship shows, Becky Harrison kindly got in touch with The Welsh Kennel Club results this weekend with an entry of 5 with 1 absentee for judge Mr Paul Lawless who gave BOB to the Bitch Annvad Lady Hazel who is no stranger to the top spot with handler Gill Stockton, and BD went to Becky’s B&G boy Pines Wiggins and RBB went to John & Elaine Sharpes Pines Flash Bang Wallop. Great results folks and well done. I know that the missing dog was Julie Condron’s boy who is under the weather at the moment and we are all with Julie in wishing Gunner a speady recovery. Thanks Becky for getting in touch. We have two Open shows to report on, Firstly Louise Nichol with her boy Cash, Bergenhov Jackpot who got BOB at Redditch & District Canine Society who had 3 classes scheduled and the judge was Mr John Purnell, ( Yikasown ) Louise reports that Cash was the only dog that attended, so well done for flying the flag for the breed Louise. I had contacted Louise to ask about Cash’s other wins as Louise is very proactive in other sports and he won in Pre Beginners Obedience at West Suffolk DTC on the 2nd

June and his other achievement he gained was his first official tilte, NTD = Novice Trick Dog in Do More With Your Dog. There is Five levels to work to, Novice, Intermediate, advanced, Expert and finally Trick Dog Champion. It was set up in 2005 by Kyra Sundance, Do More With Your Dog was a dog training curriculum which focused on teaching tricks in a step to step method using positive reinforcement techniques. In America Cash would be allowed the NTD title after his name, but here in the UK its not recognised yet, but Louise and cash enjoy the fun and the new skills they are both learning and hopes to work up all the levels. I believe from Louise that Cash is only the 4th Hovawart to have gained this tiltle. That’s brilliant Louise and a very well done as your flying the flag for the breed in many disciplines, please keep in touch and let us know Cash’s progress.

Ellen Gutjahr has been in touch with results from Turrif & District Agricultural Association Open show who gives us 2 Hovawart classes which was held on the 5th August, our judge was Mr William Armstrong who found his BOB in Ellen & Thomas Gutjahr blonde girl Bella, Zwartbos Arreton with their B&G boy Robin, Driftingsky Dusk getting second and third Mark Tyerman’s Ted, Fasskoleys Mathan. Great results folks and it’s a show which I must attend. I know John Sharpe will be recording all the open show results for the Tobias Trophy , I personally think it would be good to include on the club website the annual Winners of this Trophy and the criteria for winning it just like we do for the Tia trophy, would a committee member be willing to do this ? Thanks Ellen for getting in touch.

Exciting news on the puppy front with Becky Harrison expecting her first litter with their B&G Girl Fibi Srebrne Pole who was mated to the lovely B&G Fasskoleys Viridian, this will be a welcomed addition to the breed and I for one will be looking forward to seeing the pups. I will keep in touch with Becky and give an update in these notes. Talking about litters Maggie Spencer has been in touch about the Hovawart Fun Day that she and other experienced hovawart owners had organised in Surrey on the 4th August from 11am to 4pm with the aim to introduce new Hovawart owners to other more experienced handlers and let them mix with other hovawarts. There was 33 Hovies in attendance and all the handlers were introduced to the art of showing your dog in the show ring, what the judge looks for, how to get them to stand, move, pay attention in the ring which to an new inexperienced owner and dog can be scary. Maggie also states they gave advice on grooming, trimming and a question and answer session. An Obedience Demo was given and they had a raffle for club funds which raised £99. It was a hot day and the dogs were kept cool and comfortable. Maggie was proud as 8 pups out of 11 from her last litter attended which they are now 5 months old and allowed a lot of catching up, laughs and teaching and passing on knowledge in a friendly supportive environment. It sounds fantastic and what a lovely day and as we see above with show entries being so low at shows this helps to hopefully allow new owners to support future classes. A very well done to Maggie and her Team.

Just to finish with that the Hovawart Club Of Great Britain Calendar 2019 is looking for pictures, so please support Julie with the theme being Seasonal photos. Please email Julie on by the 29th August.

I will share more news from members in next week’s notes so if you haven’t been mentioned its because I am using the information given next week.

Craig Hosie

01505 702165
This article was posted on: 18-Jun-18