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Breed Notes (Our Dogs - Craig Hosie) - 18 Jun 2018
Catching up with breed notes, but to be truthful I don’t know if anybody reads them as I feel they aren’t supported and I find myself looking through fosse data and Higham press looking for show results. Most people now use social media to announce results from all the activities that Hovawarts participate in as well as other breeds but whilst other breed note writers receive emails from exhibiters at shows giving them a run down on the days results and all that went on, that’s something I don’t get. There has been some members who have been supportive and I thank them but to be truthful it is your notes and most important for the good of the breed.

I sent off an email to find out what happened at the AGM with regards to the genetic test for the Degenerative Myelopathy SOD1 mutation and I was told that it has been passed by the membership who attended the meeting for inclusion in the clubs code of Ethics. I believe the Kennel club has to approve it. I feel this is a good thing to start to collect information which in the long run can only help the breed and the committee has made it clear that no dog is to be excluded from breeding despite the result as it is still early days with research still on going in this condition with regards to the Hovawart. It allows us to help make informed decisions with regards to our breeding programme. Still on health and with the first quarter of the breeds record supplement published we have no health tests to report on.

This year has seen the first three litters being born very close to each other with all colours being born which must be applauded. We had Gina Challoners litter of 8 which had all three colours, Hester and Murray Oxborrow’s litter of 4 which had Black & Gold and Black and then Maggie Spencer’s litter of 11 which had all three colours. It was wonderful to follow all the puppy pictures from these litters watching them grow and the wonderful job that each breeder did and how lucky each new owner is getting one.

Show results now and we have several to report on. Firstly Crufts and I would like to congratulate our BOB Kanukalos Burletta a B&G bitch bred by Caron McClure, she did us proud with her fabulous temperament and was so attentive to Caron, the BD was Mick Murphy’s ICH Castlemary Druid with RBB & BP going to Micona Sierra owned by Mrs Mooney. The RBD went to Kanukalos Fortissimo owned by Miss E & Mr B Barron & Bettini. Well done everybody. Our next show with classes was at Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales where our Judge Mr K Baldwin gave BOB to the Bitch, Pines Flash Bang Wallop owned by John & Elaine Sharpe with BD going to Julie Condron’s Zwartbos Carisbroke, the reserves being Driftingsky Arcus owned by Bettina Williams who also took the reserve bitch with Annvad Miss Holly. The total entry for this show was 6 with no absentees. Well done. Onto the National Dog show with Mr Robin Newhouse, such a lovely Gentleman who had an entry of 8 with 2 absentees and found his BOB in the bitch, Annvad Lady Hazel owned by Gill Stockton with the reserve BB going to Quincebois Tulipwood by Pines owned by John & Elaine Sharpe with the BD going to Julie’s boy again Zwartbos Carisboke, there was no other dog present for RBD. Mr Newhouse critique is out and he asks the question why is our breed not more popular? With show entries mainly in single figures, I have had several judges over the years asking me that question when I have got into the conversation about our breed when I have been stewarding for them. Scottish Kennel club had an entry of 2 which were absent I believe one of Mins dogs was unwell and therefore Min had stayed at home. I did go around to the benches and look for Min as I was showing my other two dogs on the same day.

Bath Ch show has just recently been one of the Ch shows who have started to give us classes, we were due to Have Mr John Sharpe from the Pines Kennel judging us and giving his breed specialist opinion, however John recently had a Hip replacement and was unable to keep his appointment, I do believe John is recovering well , and I am sure you will join me in sending the best of wishes and hope to see John around the ring soon. Our judge who stepped in was Miss J Lanning with an entry of 15 with 3 absentees and found her BOB in the dog Mrs K Allen’s Kanukalos Allegro with RBD not being awarded. Best Bitch went to Val Shone’s Ursine VD Romerweide of Zwartbos with RBB going to Lucy Campbell’s Micona Juliet. Miss Lanning’s critique has been published and points out the importance of the breed having a good steady temperament. I believe Heather Payne attended Southern Counties with her Hovawarts in the AVNSC, won her class with Myka Des Amis De Gaia, Well done Heather. The last Ch show to report on was this weekend and Border Union is always a favourite with spacious rings. Our judge this year was breed specialist Julie Condron with an entry of 16 with 3 absentees and she found her BOB in the bitch , Ellen & Thomas Gutjahr, Zwartbos Arreton who also took the BD with Driftingsky Dusk and the RBB was Gill Stockton’s Annvad Lady Hazel with RBD going to Zwartbos Moonshine Whiskey owned by Janice Robinson & Dave Brown . BP was Micona Tango owned by Miss Heffernan who came over from Ireland. Well done to all on the cards. We have had 2 open shows in Scotland with Perth and Dundee scheduling classes. I believe Perth show, the BOB was Fasskoleys Silkie owned by Min Inches and silkie also took BOB at Dundee as well. Wonderful Min, good results.

I haven’t been out at many shows as Sarah, like John Sharpe underwent a Total Hip replacement, recovery was good, had an episode of cellulitis on her lower leg and DVT was also excluded, but Sarah was really active post op and doing her exercises. Unfortunately things took a turn for the worst with Sarah going down with a Pyrexia and having to be admitted to Hospital, source unknown. To cut along story short, Sarah had no white cells to fight infection, her clotting was affected and Haemaglobin dropped, remained with High Temps and was put in isolation. Terrible joint pains and with multiple specialists now being involved in her care. Virology came back as Parvovirus being the source of the illness. We have Sarah back home and recovering slowly. It was a worrying time.

With the new Judges Competency framework coming into play, this is a time for our breed club to grab this opportunity with open arms to allow education of future judges and to pass on our knowledge and hopefully have judges who are interested in the breed judging us at shows. With many Breed clubs now having announced their Breed Education Coordinators as well as some clubs being organised with their Mentors and Observers as well as which shows the club will be supporting we now just have to wait until our club announces our BEC. whoever it is we need to support them and the club in their task and help take our breed forward. Exciting times ahead.

To finish with, we have had recent talk on social media within the Hovie community about vaccinations vs blood testing, the benefits of titre testing as many feel we over vaccinate and discussing the scientific evidence surrounding this, another interesting point I was reading was that some breeders are using wormcount with their litters and with the bitch as they feel they are over using worming products on their dogs. One breeder who I was reading about tested both the bitch and her litter of pups and all stool samples were clear of worms, where normally she would have routinely wormed her pups and the bitch as per normal protocol. What are your views on this, do we over worm our dogs?

Craig Hosie

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This article was posted on: 18-Jun-18