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Breed Notes (Our Dogs - Craig Hosie) - 5 Mar 2018
Exciting News this week that the first litter of Hovawarts for 2018 has been born, with Gina Challoner’s bitch Isalynn producing 8 puppies, 6 dogs and 2 bitches and what is exciting is all three colours are in this litter. The breakdown is two Blonde bitches, one Black and Gold dog, two Blonde males and three Black males. Gina has kindly posted pictures on facebook and the pups and mum look great and very content. The mating was Isalynn Van Elderens Hof at Farmwatch and the sire is the Handsome Cash, Bergenhovs Jackpot owned by Louise Nicol. Both these dogs are imports to our breed and give us new lines , there will be some very excited and lucky owners out there and I send my congratulations to Gina and Louise and thank Gina for sharing the pictures of this litter. It will be wonderful to follow their progress. There is another two litters due which for our breed is wonderful and I look forward to reporting on these when their owners share the birth. Exciting times for new owners who have been waiting for a long time for a pup.

The weather has been some what trouble some recently and making even the smallest of journeys very difficult and with snow drifts cutting off communities, I do wonder if this will affect Crufts and its entries, although mild weather is on its way. We have snow forecast for Thursday at home and I am due to fly down to Crufts on that day, hoping to watch our breed and meet up with everybody. I do wish that it is not heavy and doesn’t affect my flight as I have been looking forward to this for a long time. I would like to wish everyone good luck and enjoy yourself in the ring but most important have a safe journey.

Can anyone recommend someone who can create a website, as I am looking into getting one made.

Hope to see you all on Thursday.

Craig Hosie

01505 702165.
This article was posted on: 05-Mar-18