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Breed Notes - 22 Sep 2015
There were pretty good entries at both Richmond and Darlington Championship Shows, with Lucy Campbell winning both BoB and BP with her Ace (Quincebois Ironwood), with Val Shone’s Rhea (Ursine v.d.Romerweide of Zwartbos) BoS. Reserves were Kimberley Unger’s Kaszper (K. v.d Hoevemeester) and Katherine Rynor’s Luna (Z. Taittinger) under judge Barri Orr from Ireland at Richmond. Joan Golding, well-known by us all as our show manager/chief steward at Oswestry, judged Darlington, and had Liz & Lynne’s Mist (Driftingsky M.) BoB , with brother Robin (D.Dusk) BoS for Ellen & Thomas Gutjahr, whose Bella (Z.Arreton) was RBB. Lucy’s Levi (Pines Monet), recovered from recent medical problems, was RBD and BV, and BP, at the first attempt, was Truffle (Kanukalos Burletta) for a delighted Caron McLure. It is exciting for the future that we have had six different best puppies at the championship shows this year. It will be interesting to see the puppy classes at the club show in a couple of weeks’ time.

We weren’t able to go to Richmond because of the IHF conference, and Darlington because we were somewhat over faced with driving, having done Pisa and back in the previous eight days, with a couple of days in the middle at the conference. One of the presentations there was a paper on Degenerative Myelopathy from two professors at (I think) Bologna University, who are doing pioneer work in genetic research into the problem. I must say that there seem to be a lot of obstacles in their way, not least the fact that proof of a dog having had the condition can only be obtained post mortem, and most owners are not prepared for their dear pet to have an autopsy, when they have been suffering for some time, in old age, with a gradual loss of function in their back legs. This of course makes getting a wide data base of sufferers, carriers etc extremely difficult. As the condition is almost always late onset, and has no pain associated with it, I suspect most owners will just care for their dogs until the condition gets too stressful for the dog.

You had to feel sorry for the Italian organisers of the event, because the show on the Sunday was interrupted several times by torrential downpours, thunder and lightning…not quite what we expected of Italy. We were there with Nick and Helen Boisseau, who had motored from their French house, and had like us two dogs entered. As the entry was quite large (105), there were 3 rings, and the inevitable happened when Gaia and Poppy, in the giovani class (9-18 months) judged by Mario Vecchi, coincided with Freya and Acorn in the open class, judged by Sigrid Darting-Entenmann. I was fortunate in that Acorn was last to be seen, so John just had to hold her in the line and Poppy’s class was finished before Acorn was assessed, but no such luck for Nick and Helen, so she made her show debut with Freya, to such good effect that she not only won her class, but actually went BiS, although Nick did do a bit of the running at the end. Gaia and Poppy were third and fourth respectively in their class, and when the judge discovered there were only rosettes for the first three places, he insisted on giving me his judge’s rosette in a typically flamboyant and generous gesture. It is of course by some way bigger than the others, and I shall always treasure it as a memory of a wonderful weekend.

Entries have now closed for the Club Show, at Bisley in Surrey on Sunday October 4th.We are not allowed to cater for ourselves at the venue, but I am organising a cake stall (they must be wrapped and taken away unconsumed) in aid of the Rescue Fund, which has taken a bit of a hammering of late. Dublin’s cart is looking really good now, and I hope we will be able to take the raffle round in it, so please bring your cakes and raffle prizes, and let’s make it a really bumper year.

We have classes scheduled at the Camberley show on Sunday, November 15th, I think for the first time. I think also it is Maggie Spencer’s first appointment, so I hope she gets a super entry. The venue is at Slough, close to exit 6 on the M4, and we are first in the ring, starting at 10 am.This show doesn’t seem available on line, but schedules can be obtained from the secretary ( I have the details) and I hope they will be available at the Club Show, as the entry deadline is not till 9th October. The weekend before Camberley, further north, is the last Championship Show of the year to schedule classes for us, the Scottish Working and Pastoral Show, where our judge is Mr.G.Lewthwaite, who is also judging various other rare breeds. This entry is available on line, and closes on October 7th.

I hope to be seeing lots of you at the Club Show

Elaine Betts
01 544 318705

This article was posted on: 23-Sep-15
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