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Breed Notes - 11 May 2015
At the end of my last lot of breed notes, I had mentioned that a change to the clubs code of ethics with regards to thyroid testing had been passed by the committee and membership. The test is more detailed and will help breeders and owners to do the same test and therefore information gathered will be more accurate and will help the breed in the future. The test will include Free T4, Total T4, Anti-thyroglobulin antibodies ( TgAA ) and cTSH, and should be conducted no more than 2 years prior to the mating. The results will be published in the year book and held in the breed health register. I believe results can be affected by bitches being in season and various drug therapies. A stud dog and brood bitch must have a normal test. I am not too sure how much the test will cost, however it will be a small price to pay for the health of your dog, bitch and pups. I think it would be good for the club to add a stud dog section to the clubs website for potential stud dogs who have been health tested for hips and thyroid, so that new potential breeders have information to start their research for a dog. Our bitch classes at shows are always more numerically stronger than those of the dogs and when speaking to a new owner who has a lovely bitch, had said to me that they were going to get her spayed as they would need to goto Europe for a dog as there is no dogs in Britain, but if you look at the litters born since the introduction of the pets passport, alot of breeders have went to other countries to get a dog to bring in new lines and the pups born in some litters have not went on and further added to the gene pool. Their is dogs out there that could be used and by adding a stud dog section to the website might encourage owners of dogs to health test and therefore potentially add to the gene pool. It is a thought, what are your views?

I have been asked to mention the breed seminar on Sunday 14th June at Nescliffe Village hall, shrewsbury, Shropshire, please try and attend if possible, It is a great day and you will learn the finer points of the hovawart. Registration is between 9.30-10.00 when next a detailed seminar on the breed standard will be presented. This gives an opportunity to ask questions. Lunch is 12 midday and then the hands on assessment for those who want to take the judging assessment will start at 1pm. This part of the seminar has to be pre-booked, so please if you are interested please contact Ann Travis by email at as soon as possible as places are limited. Ann will also need to know if your attending the morning session and staying for lunch. Show news now, The National has been and our Judge Mr David Killilea of the Redwitch Akita’s was centre stage with an entry of eleven with two absentees found his BOB in the bitch, Pines Acorn CDEX,UDEX for owners John Sharpe and Elaine Betts who also took BD with Junior Jester at Pines and reserve bitch and BP with Quincebois Tulipwood by Pines. It was a lovely day for John & Elaine, well done ! RBD went to Lucy Campbells Quincebois Ironwood and Lucy took Best Veteran with Pines Monet. Well Done Lucy. I think I might be right in saying that It was the first time out for the Quincebois puppies at a show, so it has been an excellent start. Two weeks ago we met for dinner with Maureen and Kenny Watson who has Kynaf Seti, Clyde is his pet name, a wonderful, handsome black dog who was bred by Janet Kibble and is nearly 13 years old. We used to meet up regular with Clyde, Cuillin and Caileag and go walks, have lunch and so the dogs were great friends, however Maureen had called to let me know that Clyde is now poorly with age taking its toll on his back legs and will soon have to make that decision that all families dread. We got a great welcome from Clyde and in return he got lots of cuddles. It was a lovely evening with an element of sadness for all of us, however the Watson family will know when the time is right.

Craig Hosie

This article was posted on: 11-May-15
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