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Breed Notes - 8 Apr 2015
Well Crufts is over for another year and our judge John Sharpe enjoyed himself with his BD, NLD/BEL/LUX CH GOTHAM DES ILES DU LAGON BLEU going BOB, owned by Mr B Gardes. BB went to Liz & Lynn whitmore & White’s Driftingsky Mist, with reserves going to Mick Murphy,s boy Castlemary Druid who came over from Ireland and Min’s girl Fasskoleys Silkie who came down from Scotland. It was an all Black & Gold line up, however this is the most prevalent colour in our breed. John was very quick printing his critique, only if all judges were the same, I am still waiting for critiques for some shows that I attended, but now realise that these will never appear. Julies Black boy Gunner was entered into open dog however due to her older hovie girl “Polly” being poorly, was unable to attend, old age doesn’t come itself ! Full results and critque can be found on the clubs website. I believe discover dogs was busy and a special thanks must go to Ann Travis for setting up the booth and covering the stand with Grizelda on the Thursday and Saturday mornings, Simon Berry for Thursday and Friday afternoon, Nick Boisseau and Freya for Friday morning and Bettina Williams for Saturday afternoon and Darren Bux for doing the whole Sunday and taking the stand down afterwards. Such a small band of volunteers who did very well and the amount of people who attend at the weekends, discover dogs is always busy, so well done everyone. On the show scene entries have been published for Working & Pastoral breeds of Wales, where Mr Stubbs has an entry of 10, making an overall entry of 15. This is really encouraging and will hopefully continue as we need these entries so as to not loose classes. I received an email to highlight another open show who is scheduling classes for Hovawarts. Redditch canine open show to be held on Saturday 16th May 2015 at the Sports Connexion, Ryton on Dunsmore, Coventry, 3 classes, Junior, post graduate, and open with our judge being Mr Mike Turner. If you can, please support these classes as it is a good opportunity for your youngsters and the venue is good with plenty of space. Good News to report with another Hovawart achieving their Good Citizens Gold award , with Ann Travis and Grizelda achieving top honours, her posh name being Annvad Princess Grizelda achieving this at their local dog training class. Well Done Ann and Grizelda. Maggie dropped me an email to let me know that John & Caron Mclures blonde girl Hightimbers Penny has given birth to 9 puppies, 6 boys, 3 girls all black & gold on the 13th of March , the sire was Maggies boy Dutch CH Pines Saxophone at Hightimbers. This is a very welcome edition to our hovie population, I would love to visit them however they are at the other end of the country from me, but there is great pictures of them, just go onto Maggies website, Hightimbers Hovawarts, and contact numbers are there for any enquiries.

Any news both show, working, rally , obedience, therapet or just telling me how great your hovie is, please drop me an email , so I can keep these notes going. It will be lovely to hear from you !

Craig Hosie

This article was posted on: 08-Apr-15
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