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Breed Notes - 2 Mar 2015
Sorry for the lack of notes but news has been thin on the ground however I managed to take myself off to Coventry squeezing in the Working and Pastoral Breeds open show whilst down to attend the KC educational breed watch seminar on the Sunday. The show was well attended with an entry of 10 and 2 abscentee’s for our judge Eileen Matthews who found her BOB in Ann Travis Annvad Lady Farica with reserve BOB going to Liz and Lynn’s Driftingsky Mist and Best Puppy was John & Elaines Junior Jester at Pines. Afterwards we met for coffee and a bite to eat with Eileen and she said that she really enjoyed her appointment. It was nice to meet up with everyone. I stayed to watch the groups however both hovawart’s were missing due to the surrounding problems on the motorways with their handlers trying to get home to their other dogs. What was lovely to see was there was a new import from scandanavia and his handler did really well. I do hope she enjoyed herself and we will see more of them at the shows. This is not the only import as I believe that another Hovawart puppy has been imported from Holland recently, this is good for the breed and I do wish them all the best and hope we will see her in the ring in the future. Talking about puppies I seen from looking at Maggie’s website that the mating by Artificial Insemination, Pines saxophone at Hightimbers has been successful with Hightimbers Penny, very exciting for all involved and I am looking forward to hearing when the pups arrive as it will give a welcome addition to the breed. More information from Maggie’s website Hightimbers Hovawarts. On talking about Maggie I believe she is recovering well from a knee replacement, so we wish you well, I also believe Steve Shone has been unwell recently and then Speaking to Gill Stockton who told me she has fallen and broken her wrist, so to both Steve and Gill we wish you both a speedy recovery.

The KC Breed Watch Education seminar held at the KC Building at Stonleigh, was well attended with 70 judges present for us to learn about how to apply ‘fit for function’ in the show ring with judges at all levels taking part. The morning seminar was a talk by Prof Sheila Crispin on eye conditions and afterwards a talk by Mr Blaney on skin and health, body condition. There was two lovely Bassets brought out by the same breeder for to emphisise the importance of the message that Nick was trying to get across and it worked. It was good to put the theory to real practical examples. The afternoon session was a chance to ask questions to a panel of top judges in the groups they judge and this was very informative. Then we went into smaller groups in the big hall and seen numerous breeds, had the chance to go over them and discuss their movement and faults along with good points with the owner’s permission. What an excellent day and one I would advise all judges to go on as we are always learning. Discussion with Nick took place on looking at ears, lifting them and having a look whilst we were going over the dog and if the dog had folds of skin, to have a look in the folds to make sure there was no irritation. With this in mind discussion took place on how long we have per dog in the ring, the 2 mins max per dog. Really interesting. We have been sent the presentation slides for Nicks talk and Sheila’s presentation and if you want me to forward these on just drop me an email. I will also forward onto Gill who is our breed health correspondant.

By the time you read these notes Crufts will be upon us and John Sharpe will be centre stage with an entry of 34 , we are in Hall 5 ring 28, with Tibetan Mastiff’s as the only breed in before us and they start at 10.30am. I am flying down so looking forward to it as I haven’t been to crufts for many years. I wish everyone success with their dogs. The details for the AGM has been sent out with the date being Sunday 12th April, commencing at 11am, with the venue being at Liz & Lynn’s house in Nottingham. Next week I will report on crufts. Any news drop me an email.
This article was posted on: 02-Mar-15
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