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Breed Notes - 24 Feb 2015
I had a really nice e-mail from Eileen Matthews, our judge at the recent National Working etc. open Show, saying how much she had enjoyed both the quality and quantity of the entry, the good sportsmanship shown by the exhibitors, and the friendly get-together after the judging. On the subject of shows, there are a few coming up for us to show all the aforementioned virtues in public again. In date order, they are Welsh Working and Pastoral Breeds at Builth Wells on Saturday April 18th, judge J.Stubbs, the show I always refer to as (wrongly) Birmingham National at Stafford on Thursday May7th under David Lillilea, well known in Rottweiler and Akita circles, these are both Championship shows. Next is an Open show, at the Sorts Connexion, Coventry, hosted by Redditch & District CS, with 3 classes being judged by Mike Turner on Saturday May 16th, followed next day by the Scottish KC Championship show in Edinburgh, our judge there is C A Saevich, and the last one to mention is the National Working and Pastoral at Malvern, judge Stuart Mallard, on Saturday July 11th.Let us try to keep the good entry level up for these shows.

Last Sunday John and I, plus Acorn, who was competing, and Dublin and Poppy along for the ride, journeyed to deepest Surrey to compete at the Surrey Dog Training Open Trial, in WD. This was Acorn’s second attempt at this level, and neither Orchid nor Whistle got this far. The main difference between UD and WD is the track, which goes from half an hour old to one and a half hours, although the distance is still about half a mile. Having virtually failed to start the track at her first WD trial, she performed wonderfully well, despite my handling shortcomings, only losing 1 mark out of 90 on what by common consent was a difficult track in hard weather conditions ( the next best scored 77, with none of the other competitors getting anywhere near these marks). I try as a rule not to be too boastful about these things , and I feel able to be so this time because Acorn then went on to make a mess of the rest of the trial, failing abjectly to even try the sendaway, and not coming back over the scale…much easier to walk round it, in her view. Despite this, Acorn still came away with the rosette for 2nd place. We’ll just have to keep trying, in the hope that one day everything will come together.

Of course, I have knowledge of the events I take part in, but it would be really good if I could write about all the other activities undertaken by our marvellous breed. There must be Hovawarts and their owners out there taking part in agility, search and rescue, obedience, rally , hospital visiting, and all the other things that can be done with a dog, so please let me know about what you are up to. If nothing else, it may inspire others to have a go too.

Nick Boisseau is rounding the last turn and entering the finishing straight with the newly updated “handbook”. It looks realy good, and with a lot of people’s input, hopefully will give the best possible short guide to the breed. Nick and Helen are popping over this coming weekend, so it will be really interesting to compare our Poppy with her sister Gaia. Poppy certainly is a young lady that knows her own mind, and has just discovered barking as a means of annoying the older dogs. She really doesn’t seem to know her place in the hierarchy, despite the rumbles from her elders. I do hope she doesn’t have to learn the hard way.

Elaine Betts

This article was posted on: 25-Feb-15
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