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Breed Notes - 8 Oct 2014
Well, the show is over for another year. We were very lucky with the weather, there were barely a couple of spots of rain all day, but it was certainly colder than it has been lately. I think that is actually preferable for the dogs. Our judge Kirsten Wesche from Germany was very thorough in her examination of every exhibit, and we look forward to reading her comments on our dogs in general and our own dogs in particular. Certainly one of the benefits in my view of continental judges is that they do critique every dog, not just the first two in each class, so that we get a “warts and all” report, rather than just the good points of the winners. This, taken in the right spirit, can be very educational and enlightening for us all.

Doubtless the full list of results will be on the club website, if not already, any minute, but the main winners were:- Best Bitch and Best in Show, the Gutjahr’s Bella (Zwartbos Arreton), making the journey all the way from Aberdeen really worthwhile, with Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show John MacKay and Susie Thayer’s Harvey (Pines Hapi), who joins a very select band of three-time Best of Sex winners at the club show….no-one has yet achieved four! The reserves went to Min Inches’ Chief (Minches Chief Reiver) who was also Best Veteran, and Lynne and Liz’s Mist (Druftingsky Mist).Best Puppy was Bettina Williams’ Riley (Driftingsky Arcus), and the Obedience classes, under judge Paula Foakes were dominated by litter brothers Hightimbers Sixpence (Pre-Beginners and Beginners) and Tuppence (Novice).Owners Jennifer & Charlie Barnett and Kathy Woodger were duly delighted as was watching breeder Maggie Spencer, whose husband Lloyd is making progress in his recovery from his somewhat mystery illness. Happily, Ann Travis is also home from hospital. She was much missed, not only in the ring but in the kitchen, where the urn showed a real tendency towards emptiness…never on Ann’s watch! Joan Goldin’s winners in the Special Award classes were Liz & Lynne’s Alize (Driftingsky Alize) in Novice , MinInches’ Silkie (Fasskoleys Silkie) in Post Graduate and Julie Condron’s Gunner (Zwartbos Carisbroke) in Open.

The actual numbers of dogs judged by Kirsten was 36, an increase of 10 (or nearly 40%) above last year, mainly accounted for by puppies and juniors, a really promising sign. Well done to breeders Val Shone and Liz Whitmore & Lynne White for getting their new owners so motivated. Now comes the really hard part…keeping it up. Actually it has been years since I’ve seen so many young dogs at the Club Show, because Jaana Prentice used the occasion for a get-together for her litter people, and although the puppies were just too young for exhibition, I believe some of them did their bronze Good Citizen tests….results for those next week, hopefully. Also there was Dublin’s litter sister, but sadly we left the boy at home, because puppies and judges’ lunches don’t mix, or rather they do.. too well!

A really nice part of the day was the presentation of the Tia Trophy to Torin, and his handler for Rally, Lynne. Our breed is so versatile, and it is good to see dogs being given the chance to have a go at lots of different types of challenge. They all, pretty well without exception, take to all the activities with gusto, and are not ‘arf bad at all of them. Mark Harrison was telling me about his progress in Search and Rescue with his two dogs. It looks as though Milo is going through the stage where he needs to show other dogs his (shall we say) “virility”, and has subsequently been withdrawn from training, but his new Polish imported youngster seems to be a “natural”, so we hope to hear great things of her in due course.

The atmosphere of the day was really friendly, and although towards the end it got a little cold, everyone seemed to have a good time, even the Field Officer from the Kennel Club, who found pretty well everything in good order, thanks very largely to our super secretary, Liz, and her band of willing helpers. I am sure that the average exhibitor has no idea of the amount of work that goes into making a Show Day run smoothly and effortlessly, so it is definitely “Hats Off” to them all.

A quick footnote, Calendars were going like hot cakes at the Show, including the desk version, so if you want to be sure of your copy, get in touch with me soon. The cost is £7.50 +£1.00 postage this year, and once again it is full of lovely pictures of your favourite breed in lots of mainly leisure pursuits.

Elaine Betts 01 544 318705

This article was posted on: 08-Oct-14
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