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Breed Notes - 17 Sep 2014
Several good things have happened this week. Firstly, Nick and Helen are very excited because Freya’s scan was positive, so their trip to Germany paid off, and puppies are expected in four and a half weeks time. After the miss of last year it is all the more exciting, and we have several wonderful homes waiting. They are staying in France until the end of the month to give Freya the best chance, but so far she hasn’t let up on chasing the local wild life.
Maggie telephoned in the week to report on her third placing in “A” at an Obedience show this last weekend with Dollar. Also Paula (our Obedience Judge for our show next month) got a second place with Merlot in “A” These two work and train so hard let’s hope they finish the Obedience season off with a win. It was Darlington last weekend as well, with Craig Hosie judging. It is always good to have one of “our own” in the centre of the ring, and he chose Julie’s Gunner (Zwartbos Carisbroke) as BoB, with Liz & Lynne’s Mist (Driftingsky Mist) winning BB. Once again, there were 3 puppy bitches in attendance, and Alize (D.Alize) repeated her success at Richmond for Liz & Lynne, who also won RBB with Drift (Tyehelva Super Summer of D.) Reserve Dog was won by Jennifer & Charlie Barnett’s Sefton (Hightimbers Sixpence), who capped a good day by also winning BD in Rare Breeds. Sadly, once again we were the only absentees, and it wasn’t even a good alternative this time….just John’s work commitments. I did hear that Craig thoroughly enjoyed his day.
All the winners at Darlington with the exception of Gunner, I think, can be seen in more domestic situations in the calendar, which I have just seen a preview of. Once again, it is packed with smashing pictures of Hovawarts of all 3 colours in interesting poses, and I am sure that Gunner’s absence can be put down to Julie’s modesty as the compiler of the calendar. Details of how to get your copy are on the club website, but they should certainly be available for collection at the show, now only a couple of weeks away.
On the subject of the show, Liz had this evening some sad news, when she had an email from Eileen Matthews, who was scheduled to judge the extra lunchtime classes, saying that she has had to pull out as a result of breaking 3 bones in her foot, falling off a ladder. She will be in plaster for 6 weeks but, gamely, says she is hoping (or should that be hopping) to look in at the show. We all wish her well for a swift recovery. Secretary Liz has the matter under control, and there will be a replacement judge who I hope I can let you know about next week.
Somewhat as a last minute decision, John and I went along to the Kennel Club Question Time at Ledbury last week. The format was that 5 of the top KC people, Professor Steve Dean (Chairman) in the chair, answered questions put by the audience, largely breeders and show people, I think. The questions had already been sent in, but the answers we received were frank and honest, and where the panel didn’t know, they pledged to find out. One thing did emerge, no-one seems to know why show entries are so poor, and no-one had a panacea for it either. There was also a lot of talk about the Assured Breeders Scheme, with Bill Lambert fielding a bit of flack, but things do seem to be moving in the right direction, even if proper inspections will increase costs. I think it can only be good that the KC meets its constituency like this, and certainly we had a lively discussion in the car on the way home. Shame we scrambled into the meeting at the last minute, and missed the refreshments, not like us!

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This article was posted on: 17-Sep-14
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