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Breed notes - 19 Aug 2014
Hovawart Breed notes 19/08/14
We have managed to reach the nadir in terms of dog show attendance at the Welsh KC. In the first place, the entry was low, only our 2 girls and Julie’s boy, Gunner, but in the event neither of us actually made it to the show at Builth Wells. When we talked to Julie before the event, she was hoping that Ann would be going too, so she could get a lift, but was already studying train timetables, which showed a 4 hour journey, with taxis either end, not to mention the costs involved. In my book that stretches dedication to beyond breaking point, especially when she knew she would be the only one there, as we had to drop everything and hot foot it to Ireland for Acorn’s tryst with Guinness, Mick Murphy’s super youngster, just back from his continental tour. This in itself was a bit of a logistical nightmare, involving, as it did, the frantic summoning of youngest daughter to hold the fort here, and an overnight ferry to get us there.
Apart from a couple of missed nights’ sleep, and both John and I carrying colds enough to infect the better part of County Kildare, our trip went really well, with Guinness and Acorn very taken with each other. Mick was his usual hospitable self, and even invited us to an evening’s greyhound racing, as he had a runner. We were sad to be too tired to go, but John was sensible enough to send some Euros to back Mick’s dog, Knight Bite, who romped home by 7 lengths or so. That will certainly help towards the stud fee.
We took young Dublin for the experience, his second time on the ferry, and we were lucky enough to get a slot in Anne Stewart’s busy hydrotherapy schedule for him to have his first swimming lesson. Hovawarts, properly introduced to water, generally make wonderful swimmers, and Dublin appears to be no exception, having no fears of the pool, and enjoying himself, probably having a giggle at the sight of me in a wetsuit in there with him. It was nice to catch up again with Anne, who is loving her job with Mick over in Ireland, and is herself expecting a litter of puppies to an outstanding German dog, who I think she came across when judging over there a while back.
So now we will have the anxious wait for 4 weeks or so before we can check if we need to be saving the old newspapers, begging old towels from friends and neighbours, and putting off the sitting room refurbishment yet again. I will continue Acorn’s Working Trials training for the moment, but I think I will leave out the jumps and scale after the embarrassment I felt over trying to get Acorn’s mother, Orchid, to do them with just 2 weeks of her pregnancy to go. In my defence, her scan had shown up negative, despite the 6 healthy puppies she produced. Sometimes it is hard to work out how these bitches can hide so many puppies for so long.No news as yet from Nick & Helen, but hopefully we’ll hear some good news about Freya’s German adventure very soon, and then it will be crossed fingers all round.
Don’t forget, schedules for the Club Show can now be downloaded from the Club website Entries close on September 13th, and Paula Foakes, mentioned in despatches last week , is our Obedience judge, with Eileen Matthews undertaking the 3 “special” classes held in the lunch interval. The Club pioneered these classes with Craig Hosie as judge last year, and they are a wonderful opportunity for a judge to add to their “CV” as well as giving exhibitors effectively 2 shows on the same day, so do try to support them.
Elaine Betts 01544318705
This article was posted on: 02-Sep-14
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