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Breed Notes - 21 Jul 2014
This week a request from Julie Condron for photography’s for next year’s calendar, we are desparetely looking for pictures of your hovies doing things they love and just being themselves, she has asked if they could be emailed to her at by the end of this month if possible, so with the weather being nice it’s a great opportunity for you to get your camera out. With the Commonwealth games approaching and with the baton relay touring around towns, cities and villages , it was our turn to have the baton going through Kilbarchan and then later onto the village of Brookfield where afterwards there was a picnic in the park with activities like the egg and spoon race for the kids, this village is only five minutes away from me and when I was driving into the village going to park the car , here was a lovely black Hovawart bitch sitting beside its owner Alan , surrounded by people and kids and she was just lapping it up. Her name is Isla and she is from Ann Travis last litter. What a friendly, well behaved girl who was not fazed by anything at all and was happily walking to heel with her collar and lead. We have been in touch recently but our work commitments have never allowed us yet to meet up for a walk, but it was actually great to finally meet her.
A friend of mine who runs another dog training club was handed a leaflet by their dog warden informing them of the following website . They are promoting a yellow ribbon or some other yellow indicator on a dogs leash which gives other dog owners a clear message that this dog needs some space. There are many reasons why some dogs may need some space , they could be nervous or a rescue dog etc so if you see an owner with a yellow ribbon on their lead or a bandana around the dogs neck then don’t allow you or your dog to approach and maintain a respectable distance so the other dog and owner has time to move out of the way and pass safely. I think this is a good idea as too often people just let their dogs run up to your dogs whilst they are on their lead. I recently bought a CD called the Blue Dog , which contains an advice booklet for parents and teachers and the aim is through a cartoon of a blue dog who is a family pet who is in different scenarios with a child in the room and the children have to decide what to do in that scenario. This is to help reduce the incidence of dog bites in children as most bites occur in the family home with a dog they know. They have to click the correct arrow from a choice of two. It is about living safely with your dog and is an interactive educational tool aimed at children between 3 to 6 years of age and their parents. There is also a teach yourself module for children to find out how much they have learned about safety with dogs, and is developed in collaboration with veterinarians, animal behaviourists , paediatricians, child psychologists and teachers. It is not all that expensive to buy but is worth it when having kids around dogs.
Last week we had Working & Pastoral CH show at Malvern where our judge Maggi Bryant had a better entry this year compared to last year when she had judged at Border Union. With an entry of 14 dogs with 5 absentees , she found her BB and BOB in John & Elaines Pines ACORN CDEX,UDEX, with belated congratulations to Elaine on getting Acorns Udex qualification at the end of March which she has followed in her mothers footsteps, Orchid, so a very well done to you Elaine. BD and best Vetran went to Val Shones, Minches Jet of Zwartbos who won out of the veteran class and reserve dog went to Min Inches Minches Chief Riever with the reserve bitch going to Val’s Zwartbos Chale. So a very well done to you all, and I see that Maggi’s critique has already been published in the dog papers. A friend of mine was showing her dogs down south at a Ch show and with the high Temperatures it is a worry to try and keep your dog cool, however she showed me a dog coat called Easidri, which is wet on the outside and cool on the inside with two easy straps which pass around the dogs body. You never let the coat dry out and you get a storage bag for when not in use and you store it damp. The thing is although the coat is wet the dogs coat is dry and you can just go into the ring for your class without your dogs coat being wet. I do think they are about fifty pound to buy but worth it especially in the hot weather and on the long car journeys to and from shows,It keeps your dogs body cool . I will certainly buy one as caileag hates the heat. The website is
Today I went to the Shetland Sheepdog club of Scotland to a seminar by Margaret Boulcott on Stewarding and critique writing and I must say that it was a fantastic day with role play and with a made up schedule with classes and different scenarios that can crop up when you are stewarding. Tips on how to make things a bit easier for yourself. It is great when someone with Margaret’s knowledge is prepared to help those of us who are just starting off, and thanks must go to the Shetland sheepdog club for their hospitality and organising this event.
Craig Hosie
This article was posted on: 23-Jul-14
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