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Breed Notes - 15 Jun 2014
Starting with show results from Dundee Open show where Hovawart classes where scheduled with BB and BOB going to Heather McManus and her B&G, Fasskoleys Ailsacraig and BD going to Mark Tyermans B&G boy Fasskoleys Mathan and I believe that they had been the only dogs who had managed to get there as Min had problems with her van and couldn’t make it and Mr & Mrs Gutjahr had arrived too late and missed the class which is something I did several years ago, it was very frustrating, however these things happen, so well done to Heather and Mark and thanks to Min for sending me the results, I do apologise as I don’t know the name of the judge. This show is held in Camperdown country park and is such a wonderful venue , it is one of my favourite open shows.

The next show to report on was Border Union CH show held in Kelso, yet again another great venue with lovely scenery and a nice drive and we had Ms Joan Goldin who we know from the Hovawart breed club shows who had an entry of 11 Hovawarts with 4 absentees with BOB and BD going to Julie Condrons, Zwartbos Carisbrooke with BB going to Liz & Lynn’s Tyehelva Super Summer of Driftingsky with RBB going to Zwartbos Ventnor owned by Mrs Jan Wolfe. The breed was also well supported in the rare breeds under Mr Vic SALT where Mr & Mrs Gutjahr with their blonde girl Zwartbos Arreton took Reserve best bitch. Well done to all and this is probably been an excellent entry for a general CH show for some time with regards to our breed. My apologies for not being able to make it as work commitments had to come first. Thanks to Julie for results.
My trip to Belgium was fantastic with the opportunity to see some really nice dogs, the Belgium Hovawart club show is held at a fantastic venue as in Europe they have individual dog training establishments with their own hall and grounds, have all the equipment stored there for all disciplines and activities with a bar, kitchen etc and what a lovely friendly environment. The weather was mixed with hot sun and then Thunder and lightening at the show itself and on the Sunday night before the show there had been a terrible thunder storm with hail stones the size of golfballs which did damage the roof of Ans and Mark Shellekens van Vught’s motorhome . The Monday night after the show where I was staying, it was there turn to get the thunder storm which left me awake as it was very intense. The show was judged by Mr Michael Kunze and Ms Brit Wuchert from Germany with an entry of 53 dogs with best black dog going to Balou von Abendstern who is out of Igor von der Hofreite X Caramel zur Barenslucht, with reserve best black dog going to Harley Sun des Leus Altiers who is also out of Igor Von Der Hofreite X Sunia Las Ksiezniczek. Best B&G dog , Best Dog and BIS went to Dexter vom Bergischen Lowen who is out of Bosley aus Mandana X Inka von Teckenhahn. Reserve B&G dog went to Armani Vom Steilen Hang who is out of Helos vom Holter Berg X Dasja Von Knosteren . I believe there was no Blonde dog award however in blonde bitches , best blonde went to Hester & Murray’s Kadanz Van’t Beversnest, who is out of Igor Von Der Hofreite X Gaia Van De Hoevemeester, with reserve blonde bitch going to Haidy Van De Bremmerstee who is out of Arthos Vom Fleischereck X Avanti Von Der Schweppenburg. Best Black Bitch was Hovarian Rineke, who is out of Hovarian Matula X Pinus Myrica. With B&G bitches , Bellatrix G Orionis Z Arkova Souhvezdi was best and is out of Luk v Volkerschlachtedenkmal X Desire to Win z Brzaneckych Vinohradu . Reserve went to Google Van de Kleinestraat who is from Enzo Vom Amorhof X Bonita-Kane van de Kleinestraat. Overall best bitch went to Uma des leus Altiers who is 11 years old and is from Odin des Leus Altiers X Cilou von Jesses Meute.
I do find it confusing to keep track of the classes and who is able to go for different awards it is so different from the UK , and I think in Belgium the awards are split into the three colour types. A special thanks goes to Hester & Murray Oxborrow and also to Ans Shellekens van Vught for their hospitality . I look forward to next year. Hope you find the results interesting and the Belgium club usually have pictures of the dogs on their website with full results of all the classes. It is interesting that the best black dog, reserve black dog and best blonde bitch, all shared the same sire, Igor von der Hofreite, and with all different dams. He appears to be leaving his mark on the breed. Any news or views to myself and I will put them in next weeks notes.

Craig Hosie
01505 702165
This article was posted on: 16-Jun-14
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