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Breed Notes - 12 Dec 2012
Not going to LKA this year as we have qualified the two dogs we would be taking to Crufts, so no last minute effort to slip in a late qualifier, not to mention the usual Christmas shopping! The Crufts schedule is now out, and looking briefly at it, it is worth noting that one difference we spotted was that there is no upper limit for Veterans, now any age over seven... it used to be seven to twelve, I’m sure. We are in ring 21 (I believe that was the same last year) and third after Bouviers de Flandre and Portugese Water Dogs. I don’t think either of these breeds will have enormous entries, so we may get into the ring before they are calling for the group winners this time. The classes are as you would expect, Veteran, Special Junior, Post Graduate, Open and Good Citizen. Our judge is Mr Tom H Johnston who gives tickets in some seventeen breeds (at least), so very much an “all rounder” who as far as I can tell from my collection of old catalogues (Julie will correct me, no doubt) has not judged us before, so it will be extra interesting to speculate on what will happen.
We have already had a phone call from an Austrian lady with a rather nice black dog that we met at the Czech show 18 months ago about coming, so hopefully there will be a strong presence from the continent. It is always interesting to be able to compare our dogs with those from overseas.
I feel sure the Car Park charge has gone up, I don’t remember paying £10 to park last year, it always seems such a racket with entry fees so high and fuel costing so much. Dog shows are not a cheap day out, particularly Crufts. One last thing, I actually read in the front of the schedule that you may leave from 4.00pm, that is always good to know, and so much better than the old days, when 6.00 was the order of the day….and I’m not sure but I’ve heard tell of 8.00 pm, can you believe it?

With Christmas only a couple of weeks away now, I have been working on the annual fancy dress costume for a couple of the dogs at the end of term Ringcraft class meeting in our village hall. At the moment I have one going as an aircraft carrier (plastic plane on back!) and Little Dorrit going as a big black spider. Their costumes leave a little to be desired, but it’s not the winning is it – it’s the taking part!
I feel sure that these will be the last notes before Christmas, so will end by wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas, and a prosperous and successful doggie New Year.

Elaine Betts
01544 318705
This article was posted on: 05-Dec-12