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Breed Notes - 4 Dec 2012
At the recent committee meeting poor Maggie Spencer looked as if she had been sparring with Freddie Flintoff. After a fall on a banana skin (yes, seriously) she had a broken finger and a very bruised face and chin, but with her usual determination she had managed the journey with Janet as navigator. I can report that she is much better now, and is just looking jaundiced as the bruising fades.

Maggie is intending to hold another training day in late February or early March, if she can find a suitable venue to introduce Hovawart enthusiasts to the new sport of “Rally Obedience”. The KC are keen to get folk involved in this sport, and it has three different levels which hopefully will appeal to most pet owners that enjoy the company of their dog, and would like to get a little more involved in their pet’s training. As soon as I have a date and venue I will pass the information on together with Maggie’s telephone number, for all enquiries and bookings. I for one will try and attend.
After speaking to Anne Travis a while back I telephoned to check up on Beck. Anne had reported that she was very poorly and she didn’t think she would be able to put off that ghastly trip to the vet for much longer. Beck is after all over 14 now, which is a tremendous age. I need not have worried – Beck has perked up again, and is now pottering about much the same as usual, and hopefully she will continue for a while longer yet. We have her sister Limerick, who also is very much still with us… mind you she does have a magic dose of Metacam each morning, which all the other dogs envy. I’m sure they think it must be delicious. I do hope these two wonderful old ladies make it into 2013.

Elaine Betts
01544 318705

This article was posted on: 04-Dec-12