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Breed notes - 20 Nov 2012

I had a nice letter this week from the Events Executive from Discover Dogs, thanking everybody for the contribution made towards the huge success of Discover Dogs 2012. The exhibition attracted a record gate of over 30,000 the most successful in the seventeen year history of the event. The Eukanuba booth competition was judged and first prize awarded to the Irish Terriers, second Cimeco D’ell Etna (not a breed I have ever heard of, must check them out at Crufts) and third to the Griffon Bruxellois. Thanks to Lloyd, the Hovawart stand was really eye-catching, but as we won the working group last year, I guess it had to be somebody different for 2012.
Sad news from Min Inches up in Scotland reporting the death of Helva (Minches Heidi), who lived with Min’s daughter Linda and her family. We have been trying to calculate how old she was, and worked out that she would have been at least thirteen, which is a wonderful age, not that it makes it any easier to part with them. At least there will be many happy memories to ease the sorrow, and it is so wonderful that we can relieve their pain at the last, to minimise our old friend’s suffering. I think we should be grateful that our breed often makes a good old age.
We have a committee meeting in Oswestry at the weekend, and I for one will be interested to learn how the club finances are after the IHF weekend. Has John managed to balance the books, or will we will all having sponsored down stays and yet another “one hundred club”? We received a smashing letter of thanks from our Patron Ans Schellekens from the Netherlands saying how much they had enjoyed the weekend, so I think the committee meeting will be a “didn’t we do well” affair, together with an enormous sense of relief that it is all over for another 10 – 12 years, at least. Susi Thayer won’t be able to make the meeting, but I have heard from her that she is now recovering apace, and will be scrutinising the minutes in great detail.

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