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Breed Notes - 12 Nov 2012
Another Discover Dogs over, another year of talking to the general public all day, with lots of interest. Whether it was just a general interest in several of the breeds, or whether folk will go on to actually own a hovawart will remain to be seen. There certainly was no shortage of children there this year, and several parents just let the youngsters hug, sit on, and lay over the dogs, which never ceases to amaze me – thank goodness all was well, and it does go to show the brilliant temperament of the dogs there this year. A big thank you to Maggie and Lloyd once again, for setting the stand up, (and taking it down) and all the other volunteers that helped out. Paula with Merlot, and Pam and Lucy Campbell with Levi were there on Sunday, whilst Maggie and Lloyd, with Isa, were accompanied on Saturday by Janet with Kyla and Obi, Cathy with Seamus and Caron and John with Tiggy. It is a pity that the KC has stopped the refreshment vouchers, but we went forearmed with our own food. One difference this year was that the booths were in alphabetical order, which I am sure made it a lot easier for the public to find the breed they were looking for, providing they looked under Retriever (Golden) rather than Golden Retriever I suppose. At eleven o’clock on Sunday (Remembrance Day), we again had the two minute silence which never fails to bring the whole vast building to a solemn standstill whilst the chimes of Big Ben ring out. The announcer did read a passage just before the hour, but I think it would be fitting if a few bars of “Nimrod” could be played immediately the silence is over, to just enhance the special feel of that moment.
Over the weekend I met an owner who was telling me about her black bitch (from Gill Stockton’s Berkenbos breeding) who quite happily slept in the kitchen every night with no problem. This lady’s husband suffers from bad migraine headaches, and usually it results in medication and a sleep upstairs in bed. Over the years this situation has become something of a habit and on these occasions the dog seems to know and insists on accompanying his owner upstairs where she lies on the bed with him, perfectly still, and remains until the migraine has passed. Apparently, these are the only occasions when she does this, and we wondered what triggered this behaviour. I want to find out a bit more, because it would be interesting to know if the Hovawart can or does sense in advance that the migraine is coming on, or if her behaviour is in response to her master’s mood and action. You do hear of dogs that can detect illnesses before they are apparent, and Hovawarts do have an exceptional sense of smell, as demonstrated by their tracking abilities.
The next thing on the agenda will be the Judging Seminar, so if you are bursting to judge the breed, now is the time to make your intentions known…names to Club Secretary, Liz, please.
Entries close in a little while for the Manchester Championship Show, where we have classes for the first time. The Working Group is on the Saturday, January 19th, and the judge is Eileen Matthews, well known to us and off our judging list. Please make every effort to support this show, as I think it took a little persuasion for them to schedule us. It will be good practice for Crufts, just the opportunity to get rid of that ring rustiness acquired over the winter. There are 3 mixed classes, and entries close on 9th December (postal), or 14th December (at noon!) on line.
Our thoughts and best wishes go to Susi Thayer this week as she has to undergo surgery, I only hope it hasn’t anything to do with her getting overexcited by Harvey’s success at the club show. Get well soon, Susi, and our thoughts are with John, too, at this time.

Elaine Betts
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This article was posted on: 07-Nov-12