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Breed Notes - 6 Nov 2012
I received some sad news this week. Our Chinese friend, Agnes, who has two of our dogs in Hong Kong, has just had to make the ultimate decision for her beloved DorDor (Pines Lotus) at the age of twelve and a bit. DorDor was from the litter conceived in eastern Germany, when we took our Chelsea (P.Hilary) to meet Arek, full of trepidation in case they didn’t hit it off, and almost able to see the heart-filled bubbles when they first saw each other. We still have a white lilac, in remembrance of the mating place, in our garden, and I think it is fair to say that every puppy in the litter had the sweetest of natures. Happy days! Agnes has a younger Hovawart, ChinChin,although that won't take away the pain right now. We certainly still miss DorDor's sister Mercedes, and she died 5 years ago. Some dogs just get into your soul, and we (on good days) can just feel so privileged that we could share our lives with them, even for a short while."

It’s Discover Dogs this coming weekend at Earls Court, and I have today been trying to arrange for our puppy Flag to be looked after. I had rather presumed that she would come with us, but at 12 weeks she is far too young. Just as well really, because nobody would want a Hovawart if they spent much time with Flag, as she is bold, bossy, bitey, and extremely busy. I’m sure she has been here before. At her first ringcraft class today I thought she would at least hesitate before walking in on the highly polished wooden (dance) floor, but not a bit of it, she exploded into the hall, and older puppies backed off, and an adolescent poodle tried to hide. It amazes me how even in one breed every dog can be so very different, even in the same litter.
There are a few club calendars left so if you would like one please don’t delay. They would make a really nice Christmas present for that elderly relative that already has everything, or that friend who has admired your dog…we must all have some of those!! Seven weeks until Christmas, and all I have done is make four Christmas puddings, a ritual when I have grandchildren visiting for half term. They have to stir the pudding and make a wish. I think I may visit the big local garden centre which sells just about everything, then I can socialize Flag all at the same time. They even have a huge pet department with hundreds of toys for naughty spoilt puppies.
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This article was posted on: 31-Oct-12