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Breed Notes - 31 Oct 2012
I’m still mulling over the IHF weekend in my mind, reliving the experience, much less anxiously than at the time, now we know that it went off OK, and even have the first pictures of the class winners going onto the club website as a permanent reminder. I don’t think I initially appreciated quite what Carla de Jong from Holland actually achieved with her bitch, Unique van de Romerweide. Not only was she Best in Show, no mean feat in itself, but she won Beginners Obedience, which has different disciplines than she has back home, and gained her bronze KC Good Citizens, another set of tests she will not have come across before. If there were a prize for “dog of the weekend”, no one else need apply!

We are looking forward, later this month, to a visit by Eva Michalova with her husband and son, from the Czech Republic. Eva helped us greatly when Hetty went to her country to be mated, and we are pleased to be able to help a little in return. She is actually bringing a young puppy, Casper, that she bred, to Kathy and Stephen McDermott, who live in Northern Ireland, and I think everyone is meeting up here. If the photos are anything to go by, Casper could prove a very valuable addition to the gene pool here and in Ireland. We are very short of genetic variety in our males over here, and this move is most welcome.

At her third attempt, my Acorn managed to get her open UD qualification in a working trial in Oxfordshire at the weekend, despite my losing her a mark by dropping an article! It was certainly worth sacrificing that extra hour in bed for, and we even had time after finishing and before the presentations to have an excellent lunch at the pub headquarters of the trial. When the presentations took place, it was really nice to be given the certificate, but a complete shock to also find we had won the class, ahead of some 30 odd others, mainly border collies. Those of you who have competed in any of the dog competitions, agility, obedience, flyball etc, will appreciate the feeling of “YES!!!!!!” I had at that moment.

It has been well over three years since we had a puppy in the house….you can’t really count Little Dorrit….and you forget quite what a monster a 12 week old can be. Nothing is safe, all the older ones tell Flag to keep her distance to no avail, and those teeth are like needles, only harder and sharper. But when she is asleep with her legs in the air, no fears, no anxieties in her mind, you would put up with it all a hundredfold, dammit! It is hard to remember just how long it takes them to become civilised, but it would be nice if it were sooner rather than later.
It will be Discover Dogs at Earls Court the weekend after next. Maggie and Lloyd Spencer and Janet Pearce will be setting up the stand and manning it on the Saturday. Lloyd is already planning how he can improve on his group-winning efforts of last year. John and I will be there on the Sunday. As it is November 11th, we will have that spine-chilling 2 minute silence at 11.00 am, when even the dogs seem to know not to bark. It is a really amazing experience, that lives with us for all time.
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This article was posted on: 25-Oct-12