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Breed Notes - 3 Oct 2012
Firstly, some good news…Val Shone phoned to tell me that she has had Chale’s (Zwartbos Chale) hip score, 3:4, below the breed average of 9, but I have to say the bill was unbelievable. I am so pleased we weren’t able to move back to Surrey! It is always such a relief to get over this first hurdle, especially when you have been to as much trouble as Val has to get this puppy. Talking of puppies, I also heard from Mick Murphy that he has had a litter of 7, and I hope to have more information on that next week.

I have also had confirmation that Stephen McDermott, who unluckily didn’t manage to get his Ruby in whelp in the summer, is getting a male pup from Eva Michalova in the Czech Republic, and not only that, but she is bringing young Casper over to him. Hopefully she will stop over here on her way, so we will get a chance to see him, and she will be able to see our “Flag”, from the litter she did so much to help with.

“Flag” is the puppy we have kept from Hetty’s (Pines Hettywainthrop) visit to the Czech Republic. Originally, it was our idea to keep both a dog and a bitch from that litter, but good sense, and a practical evaluation of the amount of training time that would have been needed, has prevailed, coupled with the fact that we think we have found a really good home for him, one that will allow us stud access to him, assuming all goes well, meaning that our canine entourage is still all feminine. We are still awaiting the registrations, which take a bit longer when a foreign dog is used, so I will report on official names, hopefully, next time. I must say, having bred puppies for over 40 years, that dealing with the KC nowadays is a real treat, compared to the nightmare it used to be….not all progress is bad!

Only 10 days now till the start of the IHF conference, and we are at the point of crossing “i”s and dotting “t”s. We haven’t yet got final, final figures, but there are delegates from 14 countries coming, and it looks as though there are good entries for both the shows, obedience and conformation, as well as good bookings for the gala dinner. It would be really nice if we could have one of those lovely crisp autumn weekends, with blue skies, so if anyone has any influence in high places, could you please use it now. For myself, I will just keep everything crossed, in case it helps.

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This article was posted on: 26-Sep-12