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Breed notes - 18 Sept 2012
I am now absolutely certain that dog people are quite potty!! We have just been to the German Club Show near Leipzig for the day. We left here at midday on Saturday, drove 4 hours to Stansted, flew to Leipzig in the evening, stayed in a very nice hotel (thankfully) and on Sunday drove a further 50 miles to the show, held in the spiritual home of the Hovawart, in the Harz countryside. We spent the day in glorious sunshine marvelling at the terrific entry of 250 hovawarts, being judged in 5 simultaneous rings, driving the 50 miles back to the airport, the flight home arriving at half past nine, which meant we made it home by one thirty on Monday morning. What a brilliant weekend! I’ll tell you what, though…there is a lot of fuss in this country over proposed wind farms, but we have seen nothing like the quantity that were between Leipzig and the show venue….500 big turbines at least. You would swear they breed just like coat hangers do in the wardrobe!
I was wearing a straw hat with a flag stuck in it, which helped enormously with making friends, as exhibitors knew immediately who you were. If you think we have travelled a long way, on looking through the catalogue we noticed several folk from Russia. Now that is a long way (when I googled their addresses, it gave the distance as about 2400 miles!). John and I were actually presented with a catalogue, and it was to be cherished as very few were available due to a problem with their delivery. We must make sure to get that sorted out early for our show, the exhibitors were not happy. The judging was different to UK shows, and the final four from each class were dismissed until the end of the day when they returned to the main ring and the Judges collectively selected the final order in which the dogs were placed. It made it very exciting actually, and loud music was played throughout the final run round, with all the spectators clapping in time, then the music stopped and the fourth and third places were indicated, then the second, and finally the winner……except that sometimes it was done the other way round, very confusing! The crowd then erupted and photographers rushed forward, like the Hollywood Oscars, with cameras clicking everywhere. On with the next class and off with the music again – it made for a party atmosphere and whatever the placings everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves, with lots of hugging and kissing for the winners. I don’t think the names of the winning dogs would mean anything to UK folk, but if you are interested we were told they would all be on the German club website. We met up with Murray and Hester Oxborrow whilst at the show ,showing their beautiful young blonde bitch who not only got Excellent initially, but then went on to get a second place in a huge class. Hester was the breednote writer for a while, before returning to live in Belgium. It was good to see them both again. Sadly, they won’t be able to come over for our show. There were only two stands of dog merchandise, but in spite of this I still managed to buy stickers, grooming brushes and a smart new collar for Acorn, as it’s always nice to come home with a little memento or two!

I will report on Darlington next week, as I haven’t heard anything from anybody yet.
Our updated web site went live this week. Do take a look, it is all thanks to Valerie & Vincent Polding.
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This article was posted on: 24-Sep-12