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Breed Notes - 04 Sep 2012
The holidays are over and children and grandchildren all gone. The house is quiet and the dogs are back stretched out on the kitchen stone floor. (They all hid in the garden with small children around). Peace and quiet reigns – although the crumbs around the high chair were closely monitored and now are much missed.

I had a telephone call from Alison Lawson tonight to tell me that they had lost Pines Jaguar (Max) .He was 12 years old, so a good long life, but it is never easy and they had a very close bond which always leaves a huge hole. Condolences Alison from all of us, we know what it feels like! I remember, all too well, Min Inches taking Max to a dog show when in his prime, and the utter horror realizing that this handsome lad was swelling up with a torsion whilst travelling. Quick thinking and very prompt Veterinary care saved the day, or rather the dog, but Max had to be left hospitalized for a few days far from home, and we all worried ourselves silly about him. He made a complete recovery, although I never remember seeing him at a dog show again,

Very disappointed that John and I will not be travelling to Germany in a week’s time to the big German Club show. Little point really, with Acorn day 3 of her season, and the strict regulations in place for such conditions. One good thing is that she will be finished in time for the club show in October.
Julie telephoned and spoke to John reporting back on her “Gunner’s” hip x-ray results, and no wonder. 0 x 0 – perfect! Great news, especially as Julie has had more than her fair share of disasters one way or another in the past.
It is the Richmond show this coming weekend, with a better entry in terms of numbers than we have had for a while, with a Committee meeting afterwards at Bisley for a final check on the IHF Venue. Then a real treat, puppy visiting in Sufffolk to see Hetty’s puppies. Can’t wait.
Elaine Betts
01544 318705
This article was posted on: 10-Sep-12