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Breed Notes - 11 Sep 2012
Busy week and quite nice to get back to normal after the long summer break with its visitors, children and grandchildren. Saturday was Richmond Ch. Show at Loseley Park, always a great venue (unless it is muddy!), and with a fine afternoon exhibitors were sitting on the grass having picnics enjoying the sun. The judge Mr R C Kinsey found his BD and BOB with Lucy Campbell’s Levi (Pines Monet) and BB his sister Nell (P. Chanel) owned by Julia Christopherson. We were late arriving because we weren’t able to show due to Acorn being in season, and unfortunately missed Julia, but Lucy was thrilled to be going into the big ring and we were able to congratulate her in person. It’s worth mentioning that our newest exhibitor, Kimberley Unger, with Kaszper her 10 month old puppy actually managed to attend, in spite of having broken her leg a few days beforehand, sitting in a wheelchair pushed by her frail Mother (visualize the rough ground), having travelled by train and bus from the crack of dawn. Kaszper (Kaszper von de Hoevemeester, bred by my predecessor in this job, Hester Oxborrow, who now lives in Belgium) was 2nd in the junior class, and was Best puppy . I think we will be seeing more of Kaszper, and we wish Kimberley a speedy recovery…. and top marks for effort.

On Sunday we set off again to visit the litter of puppies in Suffolk, now 4 weeks old. They were out playing in the garden in a big pen. What a gorgeous sight, just at the most adorable age, all fat and fluffy. It is so wonderful that we can use foreign dogs now in UK with the minimum of fuss and bother, and these puppies (5 bitches and 2 dogs, all black and gold) were sired in the Czech Republic by Darcius Gasko Prim, thus bringing valuable new blood lines into the country. It will be interesting to see how they grow up, at the moment they all look promising, but that’s all you can say.

We were looking forward to taking the girls to Germany this weekend for the big club show in the area the breed originated, the Harz mountains, but because of Acorn’s season, that is not to be. We are not easily put off, though, so we are going to go just as spectators, travelling on Saturday, attending the German show on Sunday, and returning home Sunday night. It certainly won’t be a rest, but it will be exciting and I will have a marked up catalogue and lots of “inside” information on our return. We will also try and whip up support for our own IHF weekend in October. One tip I have learnt from the Olympics, stick a union jack into your hat, so you can say, literally, I was flying the flag!

I had an interesting email from Ellen Gutjahr in Aberdeen, telling of the success of her lad Robin (Driftingsky Dusk) as a fund-raiser for the SSPCA, as well as being part of the local “Dogability display team”, going to care, nursing and children’s homes (rather like PAT dogs ++, I suppose). It is always good to hear about our breed, cast in a favourable light. Robin is obviously a credit to his owners and breeders.

Elaine Betts
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This article was posted on: 11-Sep-12