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Breed Notes - 17 Jul 2012
It must be summer because a couple of the chickens have gone “broody” and a couple of the dogs are having a rip-roaring moult, but with all this rain and absolutely no sun, it sure doesn’t feel like it.

Have heard from Stephen in Ireland that Ruby was scanned last week, and unfortunately no puppies could be found. Rather disappointing as Stephen had felt confident after a good mating. It’s never a foregone conclusion though and particularly sad when folk are waiting for puppies.
I took drastic action this week and had all Limerick’s coat taken off. Old ladies of thirteen plus get very hot and stay wet for ages during this spell of weather, and even John has to admit that she seems a lot more comfortable now, although she does look like a Doberman on a bad day, and I will increase her food a little as that chubby body of hers seem to be vanished with the coat. Brushing these days doesn’t please her very much, but the electric clippers were quite different and tolerated very calmly. Because we were all looking at her today she picked up an empty plastic milk container and pottered around with it, like a trophy.

Talking of trophies, after a lot of discussion, the committee has decided to do away with our usual cups etc., as they are now so worn and battered-looking and it would cost the earth to repair or replace them. They will be returned to whoever donated them, or left with their last winner, if preferred. In place of these cups new silhouettes have been commissioned which will be awarded in much the same way, but they will be for each winner to keep permanently. I think this is a much better idea, and prevents that last minute search for the trophy you won the previous year and can’t find. There will be a permanent record on the club web site of all the winners’ names, so easily documented for future reference. Many of the old trophies had long since run out of space to have the dogs name engraved on it, so in this respect a much better record will be kept. Our wonderful secretary will be writing to each of the original owners of the donated cups and trophies, explaining fully the clubs position, and I hope folk will understand and endorse the committee’s views.

It was National Working last Saturday, and I set off with a rather bald Acorn, and a very clingy Whistle, who is recovering from being spayed a couple of days since, and won’t be left, and John’s instructions…he had a wolfhound show to go to. I arrived in good time for Gill’s judging, and was thrilled for Craig Hosie when his lovely Cealeg (Annvad Daimy’s Princess for Hosarvar) won BoB. The bad weather prompted me to make an early exit from the car park, so I missed the magic moment when Cealeg was shortlisted in the group. This has happened on a very few occasions in the past, but not recently for our breed, and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving partnership….maybe next time a group placement?

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This article was posted on: 18-Jul-12