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Breed Notes - 3 Jul 2012
I enjoyed Wendy Beasley’s Working Trials notes in DW last week very much, but I must immediately also add the name of Elinor Anderson’s “Nettle” (Pines Porsche of Myrtillas CDex) to the list of Hovawarts that have gained their CDex qualification. “Nettle”, who is sadly no longer with us, started training for trials quite late, as she had always been busy in Obedience, where she had done very well, representing Wales in the team event at Crufts, and the show ring, where she was best bitch at Crufts in 2002, and BoB at three other championship shows. “Nettle” amazed us all with her good nose and willing working. As is the normal problem – the scale proved to be her eventual failing, but not before she had an extremely good go at the UD level, and blow me if she didn’t miss qualifying by one point. That was a hard pill to swallow, so near and yet so far!! I vividly remember travelling home with Elinor that day, and we were both (for once) quite silent! Nettle proved to be Elinor’s last Hovawart, and no dog could have tried harder for their owner. I find myself smiling when I think of her, isn’t that soppy? It is obviously my turn to be in the press, because the Kennel Gazette has put my answers in the “q & a” bit about breeders at the back of the July issue. The format is a little bit along the lines of “Desert Island Discs”, and it actually makes quite a pleasant change to answer “undog” questions.

Sad news now that “Bartok”, or to give him his full monicker German & Luxemburg Champion Enzo vom Amorhof, belonging to Barbara Theil in Germany has recently been put to sleep to save further suffering. He was approaching 14 years, and had had a long happy and very successful life. A most striking and handsome black dog, Bartok came over to the UK on several occasions, and was best dog at Crufts , from veteran, in 2008. I also have a recollection of him at our club show one year, but I can’t find the appropriate catalogue. His place in the history of Hovawarts in the UK will be secured as he is the sire of Gill Stockton’s “C” litter, including her “Chalkie” (Berkenbos Chinook). Our Sympathies go out to Barbara at this time.
The internet is a marvellous thing…at least sometimes it is. We have recently been purchasing some veterinary products on-line at a considerable saving over the charges made by our vet. I hope that the knock-on effect isn’t that our consultation fees increase to cover the shortfall!! We have taken this course of action because when we did a price comparison, it seemed to us that we were just being treated as “mugs”. I can understand that vets have to make a living, and have costs in maintaining surgeries etc, but when the price of repeat drugs is 250% higher, we felt that it had gone too far.

The weather may not be very summery at the moment, but the Hovawarts certainly appreciate the lack of heatwaves. Often at this time of year they barely move from the stone floors during the heat of the day…..not a lot of that happening in 2012 so far!!

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This article was posted on: 04-Jul-12