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Breed Notes - 12 Jun 2012
First and foremost this week news from Paula and Merlot, again, to say that they had won a second consecutive first place in Novice at Newbury last weekend. Their judge was none other than Mary Ray, (appearing at the IHF weekend for us in Bisley, as the pre-dinner entertainment) so lots of celebrating for her and many congratulations. Obedience at this level is not easy, and how on earth Paula manages to get such a big male Hovawart to stay so close to her in complicated heelwork patterns at three different speeds never ceases to amaze me. More congratulations are due to both Gill Stockton and Anne Travis who travelled across the channel last weekend to the Belgian Club Show, Gill for winning her class and RCACIB with Chalkie (Berkenbos Chinook), and Ann gaining the highest award for her age with her home bred black bitch Annvad Lady Farica. An additional thrill for Ann was seeing Farica’s sire winning BIS. Let’s hope we hear more results like these as the summer season progresses, and other folk venture abroad.

Changing the subject slightly now – just a word of warning about the inoculations you need for going abroad. By law now once your dog has had a Rabies injection you are considered eligible for the Pet Passport, lasting for three years. This sounds great, but can you be absolutely sure that your dog is covered without a blood test check? These were essential a while back, but recently they have been abolished, and just to prove a point, when an inoculated puppy WAS tested and found not to be covered by the correct amount of antibodies a red flag went up, to me, at least. Moral of the story, get that Rabies shot done (on or after 12 weeks of age) and four weeks later have a blood test taken just to make sure that your dog is fully protected. It does all cost, but if you are intending to travel abroad it is one of the things you should factor into the unavoidable expenses. We are just struggling with the cost of treating all the dogs with Advocate – is it really necessary we keep asking ourselves. Surrounded by sheep, and their droppings, is it safe to have them running free and eating everything and anything with the inherent risk of the dreaded lungworm? Off the internet, with a prescription, special sale price is £17 for just two Hovawarts, once!....and the recommendation is for a monthly dose. Multiply that by 3.5 in our case and it gets silly, and I can’t see local farmers paying that for their sheep dogs.

Elaine Betts
This article was posted on: 13-Jun-12