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Breed Notes - 29 May 2012
Our breed definitely has great aptitude for the job of watchdog. This was exemplified to me by an email from Harry, or rather Harry’s owner Brian Waterlow, describing an incident that took place during this recent spell of lovely weather, when all sensible Hovawarts doss about staying cool in the daytime, and come to life in the evenings and early mornings. Harry is now 3 years old, well versed in activities in his neighbourhood and so only disturbed by the unusual, and a couple of nights ago, he set up what Bryan describes as his “full big boy’s bark”, that always means something out of order is occurring. Bryan went outside, as required by Harry’s warnings, and, looking in the direction Harry was aiming his tirade, and saw a young lad of some 18 years on the roof of next door’s extension…….in his boxer shorts !! Apparently, it was the daughter’s boyfriend, who had popped out of the window for a crafty (post-coital?) fag, and was caught in flagrante…but Harry got a lot of praise, as it could have just as easily been a burglar.

I was a bit behind with my news last week, as the Scottish KC show has already happened. Strangely, the organisers saw fit to allocate our breed 6 classes, which meant that Craig was only able to judge dogs, as he is not sufficiently far up the judging ladder to do more than 3 classes at a show. The farce that this created had Craig (on our club “c” list….because of such limited opportunities to judge enough dogs) judging 2 dogs, with Michael Von Bruggenburg-Rothschild (not on our list at all) being given the bitches, which numbered in single figures. Was it beyond the show organisers to look at the past entries for this show, and work out that there have never been enough to warrant more than 3 classes, so Craig could have done the whole entry? I may be wrong, but I feel it is another case of “Hovawarts….who cares?” Anyway, Liz and Lynne’s Mist (Driftingsky Mist) was BoB, with Gill Stockton’s Chalkie (Berkenbos Chinook) taking Best Opposite. Well done to them.

There is a bit more activity to report on the “mating” front. Stephen McDermott, who lives in Northern Ireland, has just brought his bitch Ruby (P. Hathor) to visit a brother of the aforementioned Chalkie, and a little bird tells me that after an understandably slow start….it was a debut for both parties…. the dogs managed to cope admirably on their own. So hopefully we haven’t seen the end of puppies for the year. This mating has an in-breeding co-efficient of 1.3%, well within KC guidelines, but is interesting to us because both of them have a line back to our original East German import, Jordis. So it’s fingers crossed for the next 9 weeks for all concerned.

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This article was posted on: 23-May-12