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Breed Notes - 22 May 2012
A lady from Surrey e mailed recently and said she thought her next dog must be a Hovawart. She had not seen them in the flesh, but from the description in the books she had read they “ticked all her boxes” – and where could she buy a puppy? I explained that her next step should be a home visit to a family with one or more Hovawarts , so she could touch, look, feel, and generally be around several in their own home environment, also that being a rare breed she must be prepared to wait a couple of months. Thank goodness she took my advice and a week or so later I heard from the home that was visited. Thoroughly nice lady they said, but no way suitable for one of our breed. Too big, too hairy, too bouncy, and just far too much dog! They proceeded than to discuss the various types of spaniel, a breed far better suited to this lady. If you are one of the club members who has volunteered your services in this respect and you welcome visitors, remember you are not selling your house, when you try and display it in its best light (making the beds, arranging flowers in the sitting room etc,) just be true to the breed, or at least your own dogs.
We have very few puppies available in the UK at any one time, and if we can help to make sure new owners are both suited to the breed and well prepared, the puppy has a better chance of being cherished for life, hairs and mud and all the other trappings that come too. If we have puppies, we don’t have potential owners who are new to the breed visit unless they have seen adults in their own homes first. It is so easy to let someone be really enraptured by a little fluffy bundle that proper judgement flies out the window.

I had a rather sad call from Ann Travis this week, telling me of the death of Rio (Annvad Colorado King) at the age of 9. Rio was the beloved pet of Elaine Lynch, and leaves 10 grandchildren bereft too. He had a moment in the limelight when he was reserve best dog at Crufts in 2005. There really seems to be a danger age for our dogs around 9. I don’t know if there is any research evidence on the subject, but it seems to me to be much like the early 60’s in people, which seems to claim a considerably higher proportion of lives than any time until you get to the late 80’s, at least in our circles.

Next show is the Scottish KC, with Craig Hosie taking centre stage. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to get there, so I look forward to hearing the reports on it. Then it is Border Union, in Kelso, Saturday 16th June with John judging. I am looking forward to sitting on the sidelines and making notes. Plenty of time to discuss the winners on the long journey home – can’t wait.

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This article was posted on: 16-May-12