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Breed Notes - 14 May 2012
Carrying on from breed notes a few weeks ago, at Welsh working , Julie Condrons young boy Zwartbos Carisbroke got Best Rare breed working and not only that he has passed his good citizens bronze . Well done . I mentioned last time about CAC’S being awarded at Birmingham National as it was the German breeds festival and a special thanks to Julie and our club secretary Liz Whitmore who confirmed that cac’s were on offer to the Hovawart and looking at the results a very happy John Sharpe and Elaine Betts from the Pines kennel lifted this award by getting best bitch and BOB with their Pines Acorn who is a lovely Black & Gold bitch. A good entry of 20 with 1 absentee for our German judge Herr Horst Kliebenstein. Best dog went to another Black & Gold , Val Shones, Minches Jet of Zwartbos with reserve dog going to Min Inches Blonde boy, Minches Chief Riever, this making it a worth while trip from Scotland for Min. Reserve bitch and best puppy went to Linda Blackwell’s black & gold , Zwartbos Sandown. It is nice to see puppies in the ring and gives the breed hope for the future, as a few of this litter is being shown.

I Recently received the Hovawartaal from the Dutch Hovawart club and there appeared to be an interesting article on polyneuropathy and laryngeal paralysis, so the hunt was on for someone who would be able to translate this article and it turns out that through conversation our child minder is friendly with a lady who would be happy to translate it for me , she lives in the village but used to stay in Belgium and originally came from Holland. The world is a small place ! and Irene said she would be happy to help out if there was any other information she could help us with. Once translated I will share this information with you. Talking about magazines I was Speaking with Steve and Val Shone from the Zwartbos Kennel who informed me that they had a photo shoot with their dogs for an article on the breed, this is good publicity for our breed and I believe it will be in the July Issue of Dogs Today which is out in June. Millie our young blonde girl who is from the Zwartbos litter and is reaching ten months is going through a strange phase at the moment. I always walk my pups individually during the first year so they can learn for themselves all about the world and have individual training without the other dogs being present. I attend two training classes a week and have started the retrieve which is doing really well, she walks at heel without pulling however at the moment you would think I hadn’t socialised her, the silliest of things can spook her. At dog club we did a lovely round of heelwork and a sit stay, this exercise is always a challenge ! Everything was going fine until trying to settle her in the down stay when she became spooked at a lady with her dog standing at the far end of the hall , the lady had a hat on ! Now she has seen people with hats on before , but this one had eyes on it !!, then the other day she was barking at a tree on the cycle track which she has been walking past for the last eight months. To try and get some answers out came a book that I bought called Another piece of the puzzle: Puppy Development by Pat Hastings and Erin Ann Rouse and they say that puppies go through different stages of development and that between six to fourteen months of age they go through a second fear impact period and well socialised puppies can become fearful of things that hadn’t bothered them before. It is an interesting read and a book that is a must for any dog owner. Another of Pat Hastings works is a DVD called Puppy Puzzle, The Hastings approach to evaluating the structural quality of puppies, I had to send to America for this dvd but it was recommended by a friend in Golden Retrievers and is very interesting and it shows you how to find a good quality puppy and how to identify faults so that you can pick the best for your breeding programme. A well worthwhile watch which requires you to look at it several times as there is always something to learn.

Craig Hosie
This article was posted on: 09-May-12