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Breed Notes - 8 May 2012
It was really nice to read Craig Hosie’s words on the club web site last week, I hope it will be a regular feature as we in the Midlands really never know what goes on north of the border.
I must admit that after reading Mrs. Kennedy’s very prompt critique on the dogs from Working and Pastoral breeds at Builth Wells a couple of weeks back, I pottered off to look at our breed standard to clarify one or two points she mentioned. Parallel head planes to be precise! It does you good to actually look up our standard from time to time, and I understood far better as a result. Mind you it does allow scope for the interpreter to work out the exact meaning of “moderate” and “typical” and so on.
Our next show is Birmingham and following a recent request made to the KC by the German Kennel Club regarding the forthcoming German Breeds Festival taking place in conjunction with the Birmingham Dog show, a review has taken place as a result of which the KC has confirmed that German CAC’s will now be on offer alongside KC CC’s in each of the German breeds schedule at the show. Our hard working secretary, Liz, did write to the KC just to get their view on the question of non-CC breeds receiving the FCI awards, as on the continent, and received a positive response, so that will make it an even more exciting show, and very much a first for Hovawarts in the UK.
We received an interesting facebook entry from Kenzo Hovawart, from Denmark, on the “Hovawart’s Family Grouping”. It details some of the very interesting colour combinations that have been recorded through the ages. I particularly liked the blond with black points, and a dog that you could only call red I think. I thought our colours were all very well defined now, but as the varied photographs showed that is not always the case, and some of these wonderful dogs are alive, fit and well, and living full active lives, albeit red and black, blonde and white, blonde and black, and combinations of all the above! – still very definitely Hovawarts, though.
I believe there is a feature on the Hovawart in one of the monthly dog magazines in June. I will find out more information, and let you know more details before the event, if I can. It is such a rarity to have a mention anywhere that it would be awful to miss it.

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This article was posted on: 25-Apr-12