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Breed Notes - 25 Apr 2012
I had to set off on my own this year to Working and Pastoral Breeds of Wales, Builth Wells on Saturday, but then I guess it is almost of “local” show and for once I found my way easily. We were third in the ring, but judging moved swiftly on and we were started by 1.00p.m. which could have been worse. Our judge was Mrs K Kennedy and with only 8 dogs entered, and one absentee (Gill’s Chalkie had injured himself out on a walk) it was no sooner started than it was all over. BOB was Ann Travis’ super black home bred puppy Annvad Lady Farica at just over 6 months. RBB White and Whitmore’s Tyehelva Super Summer of Driftingsky, with their Zwartbos Brighstone of Driftingsky, BD. Ann must have floated home because her puppy also won the Rare Breed bitch Puppy Class. Julie’s puppy, also black Zwartbos Carisbroke was best Rare Breed Dog puppy, and then was Best overall Rare Breed Puppy. Fantastic start for their show careers, and may help to make up for the untold damage “Gunner” Julie’s lad, has instigated at home lately. His finest achievement was a pan of peas, cooking on the stove, all eaten and for desert a couple of pieces of coal! Unfortunately I didn’t concentrate when I parked my van, and leaving the showground proved to take longer than I had anticipated. Don’t walk to the motorhome and caravan park chatting, and then wonder why you can’t see your own vehicle.

Talking to folk at the show I was rather concerned to learn that when receiving a Rabies inoculation at the Vet’s with a youngster the normal blood test taken four weeks later is no longer thought to be essential. Why??? I ask myself – how can you be sure that your puppy is carrying immunity. As it happens this puppy in question was blood tested and surprise surprise no immunity was found. Do be warned, if you can to be sure your dog is covered with Rabies Vaccine, do have a blood test to check four weeks later. Can you imagine the false sense of security you would have, and how terribly wrong things could go in the worst case scenario. Do dogs coming into UK have to have that four week later blood test – I do hope so.
I am thrilled to report that third time lucky and Acorn qualified CDex. at the Surrey Working Trial on Friday 20th April at Oakwood Hill. A very very memorable day for us both. I now feel I am really on my way, and will work on tracking which is a requirement at the next level.

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This article was posted on: 21-Apr-12