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Breed Notes - 18 Apr 2012
The committee of the Hovawart Club of GB met the 21st century head-on last Saturday evening when they held a meeting by “conference call”. It was superbly organised and orchestrated by Susi Thayer, who appears to be a bit of a whizz at that sort of thing, and there we were, all talking to one another (and listening too!) for a very useful hour, at a very small fraction of the cost of a face-to-face meeting, bearing in mind the distances a national club covers and the exorbitant cost of fuel these days. I am beginning to sound far too like my parents, but I can remember getting 4 gallons (old money for 15 litres for the benefit of our younger readers) for less than £1…..which was a proper note in those days as well!

Anyway, it all seemed to work really well. Business was properly discussed, there was very little “backchat”, and all of us gave way for others’ opinions. I suppose the only thing missing was the gossip that always accompanies “real” meetings….but the whole thing was over in what must be record time. We managed to put more plans in hand for the October IHF weekend, which is now getting to the “rough edges” stage, with everything important pretty well in place (fingers crossed!) One bit of further good news is that our order for the models, after a long period of unavailability, is now to hand, so let us hope that the continentals’ favourable comments are turned into firm sales come October.

On talking to a German Vet the other day I was interested to note that in Germany the “normal” procedure for spaying bitches is 125-130 days after the first day of the last season, and if the bitch is young and fit they remove ovaries only. For older bitches that have had puppies then the more radical operation is carried out. It did seem to make sense, but the different options have never previously been offered to me. In the case of Whistle, a bitch of 8 years, and two litters, I am sure the best option would be complete removal, but if it did become necessary for Acorn, then I would ask about the less invasive option. I wonder if the coat change is affected differently, and I would imagine the chances of incontinence are lessened. How the bitch manages without HRT never ceases to amaze me!

Elaine Betts
This article was posted on: 19-Apr-12