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Breed Notes - 4 Apr 2012
The recent AGM held at Elinor Anderson’s lovely home was attended by only ten members, making it a small intimate affair which quickly dealt with all the business issues in the morning followed by a good lunch, Elinor’s soup is reliably scrummy, and then on with the committee meeting. One absentee was Bettina, our club web-site operator, due to ill-health, and we wish her a speedy recovery. It seems a pity that the only times the AGM is well attended is when we have had controversies, but maybe this is a small price to pay for relative harmony. Most of the discussion was to do with the IHF weekend in October, which Janet and Maggie have jointly been involved with. They are doing a great job, and it is our intention to have a tele-conference meeting (I think that is what you call it), which Susi Thayer, experienced in such matters, assures us will work fine, in a couple of weeks, where we can all talk together(presumably not all at once, unlike face-to-face meetings!) A national club does make it logistically difficult, and expensive these days, to get together very frequently, so it will be very trendy to talk to each other this way. Just hope it works!
At the committee meeting under Health I explained how concerned John and I were after completing the PRA Eye examination at Crufts with Mr Bedford. It was a KC special offer, and as we were going to be at Discover Dogs anyway later on in the afternoon, I sent off my £21 and booked a place for Acorn on Sunday morning. Mr Bedford’s examination revealed a small cataract in each eye. Suffice to say it was difficult to be light hearted and a bundle of fun with the general public during the busy last afternoon on the stand. We have had time to get used to the idea now, and will return to Mr Bedford or another eye specialist in six months to see if things have changed, as he recommended. Meanwhile we are treating Acorn with the formula mentioned in Dog World March 16th issue by Jane Lilley. This is a product called Ethos Endymion Bright Eyes now marketed by Life Products. This treatment involves drops four times and day and powder sprinkled on her food. The down side is that it is expensive, but we will give it a try for six months. Talking to Barbara Thiel from Germany about Acorn she suggested that before rushing to spey her we should consider a trip to Germany where she informs us that an expert veterinarian ophthalmologist can determine which cataracts are or are not hereditary. All food for thought and I feel the next six months will feel like several years! I will pass on our findings.
No details yet, but I believe Manchester Ch.Show has given us classes, which will be a very welcome addition to the calendar at a rather dead time of year. I hope to provide more information about that when it is confirmed.
Elaine Betts
01544 318705

This article was posted on: 05-Apr-12