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Breed Notes - 20 Mar 2012
Following up from last week, and still thinking about Crufts, it was good to see two of our Club’s Vice Presidents at the ringside for the judging, Deanna Crick and Julie Condron. Deanna told me that it isn’t easy for her to get away to shows these days, but now that Julie has her new puppy, I am sure we will be seeing more of her on the circuit. Talking of which, more good news on the puppy front, as by now there will be two newcomers in England, bred in Belgium by Hester and Murray Oxborrow, well known to Hovawart people over here. It really is an exciting time in the younger classes. Let’s hope that we see them all out and about at shows this summer, and that Show Societies put on the appropriate classifications to give them maximum encouragement. Before we leave Crufts 2012 behind as just a hazy memory, I would just like to commend our judge, Steve Hall, on the promptness of his critique, which was in Dog World on the Friday after the show.

Next on the agenda are the Club AGM at Elinor’s house in South Wales, and Welsh Working a fortnight later. One point that is being raised at the AGM is the question of the club’s perpetual trophies. Most of them are getting on a bit, 20 years or so, and I’m afraid that modern cups don’t seem to be built to last like the old solid silver ones. This inevitably means that there is considerable deterioration, which is expensive to put right. What do other clubs do in these circumstances? Is it fair to give the burden to the original donors, who may be no longer around or involved? Should the club use scarce resources to make major repairs or even buy replacements, when the money could be used more positively? Should we go to the continental system of giving outright, less expensive cups at each show? Should we give better rosettes to winners, and perpetuate their achievements on the club’s website? A real opportunity for animated debate….I’ll let you know how it went after the meeting.

Elaine Betts
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This article was posted on: 21-Mar-12