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Breed Notes - 14 Mar 2012
Well, it has been and gone, and we are now chewing over the event that was Crufts 2012. We went on the Saturday for the showing, and the Sunday for Discover Dogs, so were able to see both sides of things, so to speak. It is undoubtedly our fault, but, not for the first year, we found ourselves “relegated” to the public car park (north), which involved a long walk to the hall, and a frustrating search for a door we were allowed in. For some reason, either the signposting is awful, or we just don’t look properly, but the car parking remains a complete mystery to us. Happily, again as usual, we were not in the ring until well into the afternoon, so at least we were in no danger of missing our classes.

Now to the results….it was definitely an Irish benefit day, with Carmel Travers, as she now is, taking the main prize with her imported Polish girl, Ir.Ch. Finya Palacowe Pieknosci, and Anne Stewart, formerly from Scotland but now also living on the Emerald Isle, getting BoS with Ir.Ch.Fasskoleys Sallins Solo, to go with his BoB form a couple of years back. Mick Murphy won RBD with the litter brother of the BD, Ir.Ch. F. Sallins Gold, and we were fortunate enough to break the Irish monopoly with RBB, from Veteran, going to our Kynyaf Tiy of Pines CDex UDex at what is probably her last show, other than the Club Show if she is still doing OK (she will be close to 11 in the autumn). Best Puppy was Jennifer & Charlie Barnett’s Hightimbers Sixpence, beating his litter sister H. Penny….the names should have been a clue there!!....owned by Caron & John McLure, for the prize. Post Graduate winners were Mick Murphy’s Glenbower Jans Cuban and Min Inches’ F. Silkie (more Irish connections!), and Maggie Spencer won Veteran dog with her Dutch Ch. P.Saxophone of H. We got home in time to see Finya and Carmel strutting their stuff in the big ring on TV, thanks to the +1 system, and they acquitted themselves well, giving our breed a moment in the spotlight for a change. The only real surprise to me in the breed judging was the singular lack of success experienced by our overseas visitors (the Irish don’t count as overseas to me), there were several titled exhibits that didn’t figure in the higher placings at all.
Sunday was a great improvement on the car park front, as we had a pre-organised park for the Discover Dogs participants….thanks, KC, much appreciated!! I’m not sure how everyone else found it, but my impression was that it was a bit quieter than usual, and there certainly didn’t seem to be the serious enquiries that you usually get. Nevertheless, Merlot did a splendid job, with Paula able to demonstrate his obedience credentials, and our Whistle was also up for the task, presenting her tummy for tickling on a regular basis, and sending a lot of small girls away with a case of the “wants”.
Actually, Whistle has had rather a good time of it for the last few days. We usually have a couple of visitors over from Germany for Crufts, and they bring their Whippets….don’t ask, it’s a long story…anyway, all the dogs get walked together, and Whistle, at nearly 8, has it in her mind that she can compete with these hounds for thrown balls etc. She hasn’t yet been successful, but has had an awful lot of fun trying to out-run and out-turn them. It has made her quite young again, and is super exercise, so long as she doesn’t get hurt by overdoing it. There are other benefits to having our visitors, as Crista is greatly involved in the horseracing world, and takes us to the Cheltenham Festival. I mentioned that we were going to Mick on Saturday, and I now need a few words with him about his tips, and maybe some compensation!!
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This article was posted on: 14-Mar-12