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Breed Notes - 28 Feb 2012
Sorry for the lack of notes last week, it was half term, and I had two little grandchildren, aged 2 and 6, to look after. The dogs had to take a back seat for a couple of days although I did promise I would make it up to them with extra walks, and in this wonderfully mild sunny weather it has been a pleasure. First walk this spring without a coat. I felt so light, it made me want to skip! Next change will be trainers and hang up the wellies for a bit.
Spoke to Val Shone today to check up on her young puppy’s winnings – 1st in AVNSC working puppy at the Portsmouth and Southsea Open Show, and then Best Puppy. Not content with that she was Reserve Best Puppy in the Working Group. Not a bad start, especially as Val had only taken her for the experience, and to see how she liked it.

Also heard from Caroline Dunn this week, via e mail, and she was delighted to report that Sky (Spicemill Atlanta Night Sky), two and a half years old, one of Venka’s daughters from their “American” litter, became an operational Search and Rescue dog on Saturday 11th February. Well done to them.

We also had some important information from the Kennel Club Registration Department this last week. They do seem to be tightening up on the number of litters you can register, and also the number of caesarean sections. I’m sure all these changes are for the good of our dogs, but after watching the BBC 4 programme on Pedigree Dogs on Monday evening, I really don’t think that they go far enough. If the main aim of this programme was to shock the viewers, then they succeeded with me. I found it almost unbelievable that one stud dog had sired in excess of 890 puppies (with or without any hereditary problems), which must be the result of upwards of 100 litters. Surely there should be consideration given to restricting the number of litters ANY stud dog should be allowed to be registered, since, however large the population, this sort of quantity must affect the ability of future generations to breed away from him. It certainly should be possible, too, for the KC to insist on clear health certificates before registering puppies in breeds with known problems. I just hope the general public don’t tar us all with the same brush.

Thank goodness our wonderful breed has long nostrils, a strong level top line without a ridge, a tail we don’t want cut off, a good length of leg, and any face wrinkles are kept just for the owners. I just focused on the brave professor who decided to allow his Dalmatian to be mated by a Pointer way back in time, to correct a gene fault. That is the way pedigree does should be going….after all, it is the way a lot of breeds started in the first place. Breed clubs need to all work together, discuss the problems openly, not taking it personally and squabble and argue. Let’s try not to think what can this breed do for me, much more what can we do for this breed. If it were possible should some of the affected breeds stop altogether, and start again somehow? I can’t answer that.

Elaine Betts
01544 318705

This article was posted on: 29-Feb-12