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Breed Notes 14 Feb 2012
Hovawart Breed Notes 14/2/2012
I was on the horns of a dilemma last Thursday, because Acorn was entered both at the National Working etc. open show on Saturday, and the Welsh KC working trial on Sunday, and whilst she might have taken both events, with their totally different requirements and disciplines , in her stride, I know I would have been totally fazed by them. As it turned out, the trial was called off, probably prematurely, as a precaution due to the adverse weather forecast for the weekend, so we were able to go to the show with no pressure on me. Of course, Sunday turned out to be a lovely day….just goes to show you can’t believe all you hear on the TV!
The entry for the show was not huge, but at least everyone was there, and, wonder of wonders, the junior class had 3 in it, the best for some time. Of course, this is because of the lack of registrations a couple of years ago, as mentioned last week. Our judge, Brenda Wilkinson, is well known to those who attend the Club Show, and it was good to see her officiating for the first time for us. She chose our P.Acorn as BoB, with Liz and Lynne’s Torrin (Zwartbos Brighstone of Driftingsky) BP at his first show. The other youngsters there, Seamus and Sefton, from Maggie’s litter, now just out of puppy, joined the Driftingsky contingent in the rare breed classes, so the breed was well represented on the day.
I have received, by default, a memorandum from the National Dog Show (Birmingham to you and me) reminding us that they have a “German Breeds Festival” at their show this May. I know the Club has agreed to have a stand there, so I hope lots of you will come to give your support. The memo was telling us about our judge, who is Horst Kliebenstein. He is judging Great Danes, too, and this, from his CV, is the first breed he had. He has also bred puppies in hound and terrier breeds, as a judge is an allrounder who has judged in 45 countries throughout the world, and, if I read it correctly, has been President of the FCI Judges Commission since 1998. It is just a pity that Hovawarts don’t appear to feature in this gentleman’s resume. Actually, this does lead me to a more general point about judges, CVs and the like. Our club receives from time to time applications to go on our judging lists, often from people who have not shown any prior interest in us. However capable they may be, it is galling to be asked to “make up the numbers” for their CVs like this. In order to offer such people an opportunity to get to know our breed first, the club are aiming to put on a judging seminar again, hopefully next year, so that our judging list can be enhanced by people with a real interest in us.
We are getting back just now a number of responses to the club’s AGM notice, and so far it doesn’t look as though we will break attendance records this year. It seems as though people will only go to the AGM if there are contentious issues afoot, which is a great shame, because it is always useful for a committee to hear views from the membership as to what they might be doing, other ideas that maybe had not been thought of, and not least an opportunity to meet together in an environment that doesn’t have the competitive air of the show. So do try to come to Elinor’s on April 1st.
Elaine Betts
01 544 318705
This article was posted on: 20-Feb-12