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Breed Notes - 8 Feb 2012
Last week’s Dog World had (among a lot of other interesting articles!) a couple of statistics relating to our breed. Firstly, the entry details for Crufts were published. They show an entry of 38 from 35 dogs & bitches, which is only one more dog than last year, and two less than ten years ago. Apart from 2010, when there were 53 entered, and the previous year with 44, we not seen any significant rise in numbers for many years, which must be regarded as disappointing. I wondered if the judge made a difference to the numbers entered, but it doesn’t seem to matter whether the judge is a breed specialist, a well-known UK all-rounder, or an unknown foreigner. Of course, a few will be disbarred if a UK breeder is judging, but I suspect that the pull of Crufts is stronger than people’s judging preferences. It is always a great spectacle, and I am sure this year will be no exception.
The second KC revelation concerned breed registrations, and here we have fared a little better (depending on your point of view), with the 2011 figures standing at 34, compared with only 4 the previous year. Of course, in a numerically small breed like ours, one or two litters more or less makes a huge percentage difference, but the figures for 2006 (27) and 2001 (23) do not give the impression of a breed forging ahead in the popularity stakes. This is most probably a good thing, because it means that breeders have to be very careful when planning a litter, but I must say that there are times when it would be nice to be able to offer potential new owners more than a vague future hope of a puppy, if “so-and-so’s plans go ahead”.

Notices are arriving about now for the Club AGM, to be held at Elinor’s lovely house at Talybont-on-Usk, near Brecon, on Sunday April 1st…, it isn’t a joke!!...This year, as I might have said before, is a very important one for the Club (have I told you about the IHF weekend?), so it would be really good if there were one or two new candidates for the committee. John says he feels a bit isolated as the only man, so how about it, you guys? Don’t forget, also, that this is subscription time. It may seem a bit obvious, but all clubs need a regular stream of income in order to function at all, so get those cheque books out, or, better still fill in those Standing Order forms so that your membership will always be paid up.

Elaine Betts
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This article was posted on: 08-Feb-12