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Breed Notes - 31 Jan 2012
We thoroughly enjoyed Maggie’s Training Day last Saturday, at the village hall in Worplesdon, near Guildford, and when I spoke to her on the telephone today, she told me that she had had several appreciative calls herself. The Club fund towards the IHF Conference benefitted by over £100, so all in all it was a great success. There were 24 hovawarts in attendance, l blonde, 2 blacks, and 21 black & golds, with ages ranging from the 6 months of Val Shone’s puppies to Christine Boulton’s “Solly” who actually had her 9th birthday on the day. The training was from beginner level to about first competition level, with the emphasis mainly on “control”. With twenty four dogs up on the floor all at the same time, in very close proximity, with not so much as a grumble I think we can say everybody did have “control”. Lloyd put several photos on their website ( the following day, and has received lots of interest from abroad, which is no bad thing. Janet Pearce trimmed several feet and ears, and several dogs left a whole lot smarter than they had arrived. I purchased a “tick” remover and just can’t wait until I can find a “tick” on one of the dogs! It’s a funny little thing, I hope it works, although I have managed for lots of years without one.

The coming together of all those dogs for a day that was really about meeting up with fellow enthusiasts, as much as for the training, has got me thinking about the way we present ourselves, our dogs and our hobby to the outside world. No-one attending the village hall last Saturday would have had anything but a positive view of a well behaved, healthy and happy group of pedigree dogs, all well cared for, and under the control of caring owners. This is in stark contrast to a lot of the bad press pedigree dogs have received over recent months. I don’t think we do nearly enough to remind everyone that the overwhelming majority of pedigree dogs live happy, healthy, trouble-free lives…..but that, of course, is not news… and as caring owners, we are bound to take an excessive interest in the problems that may occur, occasionally, and I suspect that this concern gets translated by the general public into the idea that our pedigree breeds have a lot of difficulties that are unrecorded in non-pedigree dogs, largely because they don’t have a recognisable group of owners. We should shout from the rooftops the joy of having our breed, with its intelligence, loyalty, enthusiasm, good temperament, health and longevity. OK, there will be the odd exception, but that does not detract from the overall “wonderfulness” of our dogs.

Julie almost completed the rota for Discover Dogs at Crufts, but would still like volunteers for the Friday, if there is anybody out there who feels they could help. As usual it’s the Thursday and Friday, when folk are at work, that prove to be the most difficult days to fill. Please phone Julie direct, if you can help, on 01253 777186. Talking of communications, my problems of last week are partly solved, but I am now unable to have both telephone and computer simultaneously, so be patient if you try to contact me.

Elaine Betts
01544 318705
This article was posted on: 02-Feb-12