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Breed Notes - 24 Jan 2012
I feel just like Cinderella at the moment, shall I go to the Ball with Acorn for the Contest of Champions? What the dickens will I wear? Posh frock with trainers (so I can run)? It is always exciting to be invited to these things, especially when it is because your dog has done well throughout the previous year at shows, but it is very expensive, and trousers and a fleece just will not suffice, to say nothing of trying to squash John into his dinner jacket that shrinks in the wardrobe every year. I had the bright idea of opening up the back seem of the trousers and putting a small piece of material in to enlarge the waistband – only to find on closer inspection that I did that last time out! The whole evening is in aid of dog charities, so with that in mind I am sure we will go and fly the flag for Hovawarts, and I’m sure I will be writing afterwards saying what a great evening it was. A little glamour does everybody good occasionally…..but we are under no illusions over success in the actual contest, because most of the dogs there have won lots of CC’s, and we do feel a bit like the poor relation when our career results are read out. It is not unlike the FA Cup, when a non-league club gets to play Manchester United….the achievement is being in the same game as these greats, the result of no real consequence.

We are looking forward to Maggie’s training day on Saturday. I don’t know if any latecomers could be accommodated, but it will be a good day, so do try to come if you possibly can. I’ll tell you all about it next week. What I am not so eagerly anticipating is Acorn’s first trial. Until now, I have persuaded myself that she is not quite ready, but, as she is nearly 3 now, this is wearing a bit thin, so she is entered for a couple of trials in the next few weeks. I don’t think that my being terrified of them will help her at all, but it is not easy to exude confidence when you are quaking in your boots.
In case you have tried to phone us in the last few days, we are having some problems with our land line. The mobiles still work, though, and the numbers are 07788402912 and 0778632380, and email works OK too.

Elaine Betts
01 544 318705

This article was posted on: 25-Jan-12